General Information

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) centers around students and conceptually-based units that inspire students to take action. Below is general information regarding the general ideas behind using the MYP as a framework of study.

What is the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP)?

The Middle Years Programme is a framework that extends from Grade 6 to Grade 10. The content and curriculum are up to the individual schools, but the organization of the course and assessment model matches every other MYP school in the world. The MYP deeply encourages schools to develop interdisciplinary units of study, and provides schools with key and related concepts to facilitate the process.

Global Contexts

Learning contexts within the MYP should model authentic world settings, events and circumstances. Each MYP unit of study uses the lens of one of the following global contexts:

  • Identities & Relationships
  • Fairness & Development
  • Globalization & Sustainability
  • Scientific & Technical Innovation
  • Personal & Cultural Expression
  • Orientation in Space & Time

Key Concepts

Key concepts provide interdisciplinary breadth to a student’s study. Key concepts are broad, organizing and powerful ideas that have relevance within and across subjects and disciplines. Key concepts help teachers to link different disciplines together in interdisciplinary units.

Approaches to learning (ATL)

At MIMS we aim to elevate the approaches to learning skills to a similar area of importance as academic grades. The ATL’s help students, “learn how to learn,” and require practice to be improved over time. They also provide a common language that students and teachers use to articulate the process of learning. The IB identifies five ATL skill categories and ten ATL skill clusters:

Service as action

At MIMS we believe that through responsible action in both the local and global communities, young adults develop the types of traits that are important in further academic pursuits and throughout life. Through building authentic connections between what they learn in the classroom, and what they encounter in the community, students will initiate change where needed. Over the course of the next few years, MIMS will gradually establish partnerships with community partners to build our service as action program. In the spirit of Nelson Mandela, being involved to change our community for the better is a high value.

MYP Projects

In efforts to foster the development and independence of lifelong learners, the IB has developed the community project and the personal project. Students at MIMS will complete the personal project in grade 10. The personal project is a unique opportunity for students to develop an area of interest, and produce a truly personal and often creative product/outcome. For some students, it is the first time he or she truly engages in a personal interest during the regular school day. The personal project is assessed using the MYP criterion-based assessment model, and some projects will be sent to external IB monitors to ensure that the quality of the projects remain high. MIMS had its first Personal Project Exhibition in the 2016-2017 school year!

Guiding documents:

Concept Based Teaching and Learning - Lynn Erickson.pdf

The journal article Concept-based teaching and learning (2012) by Lynn Erickson explains the difference between two-dimensional and three-dimensional learning frameworks.

MYP teachers use many of the ideas suggested in this article. With a focus on concepts and content rather than only content, students gain a broad and rich perspective of the world.