Wild Ones

A wilderness & wildlife service learning group

"We're all in this together. What can you do? Go on your own journey. Learn everything you can. Discover those working to protect bears, their ecosystems and their wild spaces they inhabit. Join them, support them, tell others. Because what's good for bears is good for people and the planet." - Chris Morgan

This group uses the International Baccalaureate Service Cycle to guide us as we plan to take action to protect wildlife and the wilderness it inhabits.

Service Learning Partnerships

History of the club

  • This Service Learning Club was originally designed by 14 students in 2014-15
  • 2015-16 some new students joined and some continued participation from the prior year, per student request and space availability (Group size limit was 15)
  • 2016-17 all 50 9th graders participated through two units of instruction: Fire on the Valles an Interdisciplinary Unit with Science and a 9th grade Language & Literature unit on Wilderness. In addition, students from all grades who submitted to the Aldo Leopold Writing Contest.
  • Wilderness Service Learning field trips for each MYP grade level (Partnering with Cottonwood Gulch)
  • Moving forward: Submissions to Aldo Leopold Writing Contest, Creativity, Activity, and Service and Personal Project Connections, per student choice and interest.

Interested? Contact Nevada Benton nevada.benton@mandelainternationalmagnetschool.us

Wild Ones 2018 Borego Bear Wallow.mov

Creativity, Activity and Service Project

Students hiked practicing slow walking, engaged in slow looking with photography and cleaned up campsites in a partnership with the USFS.