Manchester Township PTA

every child. one voice


About the Manchester PTA

  • The Manchester PTA is the Manchester Parent, Teacher Association. We are a not for profit organization of Parents, Teachers, Adult Children, Caregivers, Seniors, Business Owners and more.

  • We are the adults who live and work in Manchester, that want a positive educational experience for the children of Manchester.

  • We are one PTA that serves all the schools in Manchester from the elementary to high school level.

  • We strive to make the education of our children more effective, cognitive and fun. The PTA partners the high quality education that the students receive with reinforcing programs that help to enhance the learning experience.

  • The Manchester PTA also provides the children with opportunities to put their learned skills to work in some unexpectedly fun ways.

  • Becoming a PTA member has never been more fun!

2022-2023 Executive Board

President: Barbara Czarnecki

Treasurer: Vincent Vaccarella

Recording/Corresponding Secretary: Roxanne Conniff

VP High School: Kelly Dunckley

VP Middle School: Vacant

VP MTES: Rosevelyn Medvigy

VP Ridgeway School: Christina Lassik

VP Whiting School: Laurie Greisch

VP Regional Day School: Michelle DeSantis

Bylaws & Procedures: Sarita Dodd

System Administrator: Jeffrey Dodd

Website & Publicity: Theresa Marcinczyk

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