Meet The Team

La Wanda Knox, MBA

Founder, Business Consultant

La Wanda brings to the industry 10 years of business consulting experience. As a corporate liaison, she helped Bay Area 7-11 franchisees to boost their bottom line. As a change agent for Diageo Wine & spirits she turned around a local winery taking them from loss to profit in 90 days.

Now, La Wanda supports entrepreneurs in their efforts to obtain local and state licenses, grow their businesses and connect with other entrepreneurs. She provides business planning, license application support, business management consulting to owners of retail, manufacturers, cultivators and other types of companies in California.

La Wanda earned her MBA at Mills College, Lorry I. Lokey Graduate School of Business in 2010.

Zachary Knox, Esq, MBA

Legal Counsel

Zachary Knox, Esq., a partner at Knox and Ross Law Group, is Legal Counsel and key team member at Make Green Go.

As a member of the City of Oakland's C.R.C., Zachary brings valuable insight to entrepreneurs striving to stay compliant and be strategic.

He brings to the industry extensive experience with business law, tax, corporate finance and commercial transactions. He speaks regularly at Business Development Seminars sponsored by Oakland African American Chamber of Commerce and is a member of the Bay Area Business Roundtable.


  • J.D. – University of San Francisco: School of Law – Class of 2010
  • M.B.A. – University of San Francisco: School of Management – Class of 2009
  • B.A. – University of California, Berkeley – Class of 2002

Linsy Malone

Bookkeeping Specialist

Linsy is the owner of Lending Hands a bookkeeping firm in Oakland, California. In the past 14 years Linsy has helped many businesses from start-ups to existing business wanting to scale. Her ares of expertise are bookkeeping, record keeping and business support.

Linsy is a miracle worker when, it comes to understanding the clients needs and streamlining their business process for accurate record keeping. She has helped companies file their BOE extensions and returns, file IRS tax returns and extensions and more.

When it comes to complying with local, state and federal reporting requirements, she's the go to specialist to get things done! This is what one of her clients had to say about her on Linkedin "She's a one stop shop! Took care of my issues when starting my business. Highly Recommended!!!!" Roy Hearne

Terrah Green

Project Manager

Terrah Green has over 15 years of experience in operations, project management, and account management in the advertising and marketing fields, for both traditional and interactive agencies. In addition, Terrah has entrepreneurial experience in real estate investments, including acquiring residential properties and performing rehabilitation to resell or retain as rental properties. She prides herself on her comprehensive knowledge of organizational development, team building, and project execution.

Her expertise includes production, and web-based marketing disciplines as well as multi-cultural marketing. Terrah was appointed as the liaison for legal and regulatory guidance for inter-departmental functions. Ensured compliance with laws and regulations for the Office of General Council. She earned her Business Administration from Central Michigan University.