Network as a Platform

Network as a Platform

Communications over time will become a commodity in the same way as we perceive smart phones today. It will be expected from the user to communicate without understanding the technical complexity behind it.

With this vision in mind, Network as a Platform is a service that is provided in such a way that it is vendor agnostic, provider agnostic, and service agnostic.

We remove the complexities from the environment to enable our customers to run their business seamlessly.

With Cloud Computing, changing data center models, enterprise mobility and collaboration tools like video and social media, the pressure on networks are demanding. To accommodate for these pressures, companies require a network that can reach anywhere in the world, if necessary, with high reliability, high speed, high agility and with cost effectiveness.

The platforms consist of a combination of Network, Security, Infrastructure and Software solutions that is implemented at strategic Data centers worldwide. In South Africa, the Teraco data centers were selected to serve as basis for this service. The Teraco data centers are vendor agnostic, the termination point for Network Access Providers in Africa and Peering points between providers are available for Provider InterConnects.

Last mile services will mostly be via Fiber Providers and Mobile Services. The Internet will be the primary WAN, with Overlay services offered on top of it like SD-WAN.

Majestic Data also provide Microwave and VSAT connectivity services for remote sites and global services in Africa, where connectivity is a challenge.

Important factors in the VSAT environment is the implementation of Bandwidth Management and Bandwidth Acceleration solutions on top of these VSAT services to minimize latency.