Executive Summary


Since 1997, our DNA evolved over many years, creating an understanding of our place in this world and the value we can add to assist humanity on their journey towards success.

The global market today dictates the way companies do business. Majestic Data align with these demands from customers and the way they do business.

Where Cloud Services becomes the preferred strategy, Majestic Data as an organisation ensures that our customer’s journey towards Global Technology and Global Services are realized by providing a road-map for connectivity and services to reach the destination of Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud and Communication environments.

The Majestic Data's Business Approach focus on a savings model, where we design and implement the journey in such a manner that as part of the productivity, cost savings are achieved. We have saved large organisations 100s of millions in operational and capital costs.

Majestic Data has a reputable list of local and international customers who require a high level of expertise to solve complex and challenging information technology projects.

Approaching the journey with our customers from a communications point of view, Majestic Data has developed a Global Transition/Migration platform with partners and customers that provides a Global Overlay Model, making the platform vendor and provider agnostic.

Majestic Data’s permanent staff and consultants are industry professionals and highly experienced in the information and communications industry. This enables the delivery of highly integrated and practical solutions to create a stable and reliable information technology environment.

Majestic Data’s enterprise services can complement and add value to the corporate environment, including Network, Communications, Cybersecurity, Next Generation Data Center and End-User Computing.