The Crew

Silas Mead

Production Manager

Silas grew up on an intentional community in Hartland, Vermont. There he learned about farming, community, and carpentry. In 2015 Silas graduated from The Sharon Academy, after which he took a gap year. During his gap year, Silas spent time working at a mountain lodge in New Hampshire, helped maintain part of the AT, and worked as a gardener in San Francisco. Additionally, he travelled to India and explored the U.S. in a van. His gap year taught him how to be independent, work hard, make important decisions, be responsible, and enjoy life. He just completed his freshman year at Colorado College and is loving the Rockies. He is enjoying studying a variety of subjects and is thinking about being a History major. He has also acquired a leadership position for next year at an enrichment program for at-risk middle school boys near his college.

Max Buskey

Branch Manager

Max grew up in Lebanon NH. He attended The Sharon Academy for high school, where he played soccer and ran Track and Field, graduating in 2015. After graduation he took a GAP year, during his year off he worked and traveled. One of his highlights on his year off was participating in an Outdoor Leadership program through Outward Bound it was a 3 month course, traveling to Argentina, Florida and North Carolina. It was here he learned various styles of leadership and affirmed his love for the Great Outdoors. He is currently a student at the University of Maine studying Sustainable Agriculture and Innovations Engineering. After college he plans on starting up various businesses, beginning with his own Vegetable Farm in the Upper Valley, producing crops for people who don't have easy access to fresh produce.

Timmy Palthey


Timmy Grew up on his family's organic vegetable farm in Tunbridge Vermont. In the summer of 2013 Timmy took a NOLS course (National Outdoor Leadership School) in the Talkeetna mountains in Alaska. Here, like Max, he learned how to stay organized in the backcountry as well as leadership and team building skills. In the winter of 2015 he participated in a gap year program in Whitefish Montana called Ridge Mountain Academy. While at Ridge Timmy was coached on a variety of mountain sports such as mountain biking, rock climbing and backcountry skiing in addition to taking classes including wilderness first aid, CPR, and avalanche safety. He is currently taking time off from school to earn money to travel back out west to further pursue his passion for mountain sports.

Casey Starr


Casey grew up in the same co-housing community in Hartland, Vermont as Silas, where he learned about farming, community, and volunteering. Casey has done a lot of volunteer work throughout his high school career. He worked internationally in Costa Rica planting trees to save the Bell Bird which are close to extinction. This past March he traveled to Nicaragua and worked with Bridges to Community and built two homes for families that were desperately in need. He plans on continuing to travel all around the world throughout his life, and volunteering. Casey will be graduating from Hanover High School in June 2017. He will be attending Westminster College in Utah in the fall where he plans to study Athletic training.

Glen Enneper


Glen grew up in Hanover, NH. He attended Hanover High School, where he played Football and Basketball, graduating in 2017. After graduation, Glen plans to attend Northeastern University as a Physical Therapy major. After tearing his ACL and going through intense physical therapy he realized his love for helping other people heal, and reach their full physical potential. He will be spending his first semester abroad in Greece at the American College of Thessaloniki. In the future, he would like to own his own Physical Therapy private practice.

Patrick Boland