The Consortium for Aging Policy Research & Analysis  

A collaboration between the 

University of Maine Center on Aging and the 

University of Southern Maine Catherine Cutler Institute

Affiliated with the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center and the UMaine Institute of Medicine

Supporting state and national public and private leaders with independent policy research and analysis on issues relevant to aging & older people 

An aging state and nation hold opportunities for broader perspective, 

inclusion, diversity, and justice

Long anticipated age-related demographic shifts are underway and policymakers at all levels of government in Maine and across the country, along with stakeholder organizations, businesses, agencies, advocates, and the public, are focusing attention on how best to adapt. Policy action supported by available evidence, new research, or thoughtful analysis is essential to ensure the economic opportunity, wellbeing, and quality of life that older people deserve as we age. 

The Consortium for Aging Policy Research and Analysis (CAPRA) supplies a wide range of substantive and methodological policy expertise to address current and emerging aging population opportunities and challenges, and contributes to broader use of policy research and analysis in the fast-moving age-related policy landscape. 

CAPRA projects contribute to exploring and crafting sound aging policy across sectors that will support us all as we age.

While we do not advocate for particular policies, we can support you in understanding policy options and policy pathways to elevate your proposed legislation, or your cause, initiative, or research.