Updates From Peru

Day 1- Travel Day

Current Location

What We're Doing

Eating dinner and enjoying Mexico International Airport

What's on the docket

Flight to Lima

Day 1 cont'd- Arrival + Orientation + Work

Current Location

Casa De Hendriken after arriving at 6:00 am and a couple of hours in immigration

What We're Doing

Heading to our destination.

What's on the docket

We are off to work at 1:00 pm local time.

After work we came home by 6:30. Dinner at 7:30 then reflection, then bed - LONG first day,

Day 2- Work Day

canto grande

What's on the docket?

We travel tomorrow

What We're Doing

Worked on the site levelling and prepping it for tomorrow.

TIme to play

Basketball with the locals


Live Jesus in Our Hearts......Forever!

Day 3- Work Day 3 - Jicamarca

Current Location

What We're Doing

Heading to Jicamarca - no internet = no updates for three days

What's on the docket

Working at school and site.

Half of the guys went to a Daycare Center after working at the site then had a long bus ride to Jicamarca. Other half worked at the site levelling and preparing concrete, then we met up in Jicamarca.

Day 4 - WOrk Day 4 Jicamarca and CAnto GRande

Current location

What We're Doing

Helping Tanya with her work

What's Coming up

prep for pouring the floor tomorrow

Buckets of rocks and sand

Assembly line

After the Daycare Center


Day 5- Work Day 5-Canto Grande and back to Jicamarca

Current Location

Canto Grande

What We're Doing

Made it back to Casa de Hendricken after finishing the floor. House goes up tomorrow

What's new

Soccer game with the locals

Floor is levelled

Day 6- Work Day 6 - Canto Grande

Current Location

Canto Grande

What We're doing

Putting the house together

What's New

Putting up Tanya's house

Truck arrives at 9:30

In the Cathedral

Moving the walls up the hill

Historical Lima Tour with Brother Casey

Coming together

Lima Tour

Almost done

Day 7- Work Day 7- Canto Grande

What we're up to

The painting begins

dusk til afternoon

And continues...

Look for the VC - #11

And continues....

The furniture arrives

Bed frames


Lunch at the school and a gift of crosses from Brother Michael

The roof is lowered

Final coat

Old room

Almost done

New bedroom

New living room

New bedroom

Tanya's room

Day 8- Trip to Cusco

Early 5:30 departure to airport in Lima for 8:15 and 9:15 flight to Cusco. We boarded our buses and headed into downtown Cusco for some sightseeing. We left for Macchu Picchu stopping at a few markets for some shopping. We arrived in Ollantaytambo around 5:00 and checked into our hotel. Tomorrow morning we rise at 6:00 and take the train to Macchu Picchu to begin our ascent. Some picture to follow tomorrow as connection is weak.

Day 9 - Machu Picchu

We awoke at 6:00 and had a light breakfast - and are on the train in half an hour. Everyone is doing well and feeling great. The boys are excited to be hiking up the trail. Pictures to follow later today.

All aboard

Waiting for the train

Mr. Legge and the boys

At the bottom of Machu Picchu

First look


On the edge

Almost done

KD #11

Team Lunch

What a view

What a view x 2

Pumbai tournament

Photo bomber

Happy times

At the end of the day

Feeding the llamas

Lots of llamas

Heading down

Window shopping

The boys in Machu Picchu

Day 10 - The Adjustment period

Upon our return to our hotel last night after an absolutely perfect day at Machu Picchu we learned of the state of emergency in Peru and that our plans for the remainder of the trip had been drastically altered. We were told that we were in quarantine and would have to remain at the hotel until March 30. We all met and talked about what that would look like and decided to make some plans. We would have breakfast each morning provided by the hotel staff. The teachers would make lunch each day and we would eat at a local restaurant at 7:00 pm each night for dinner. More information to follow.

Day 11 - DAy 2

We ate breakfast at 8:30 in the hotel followed by some Monopoly and card games. Mr. Legge and Ms. Robles made vegetable soup and garlic cheese bread for lunch. The boys had some quiet time and watched a movie together. There is a stronger police presence in the town today and there is little to no people in the streets. We had a wonderful stir fry dinner at the local and are settling in for the night. More to follow tomorrow.

Day 12 - DAy 3

We had breakfast this morning at 8:30 as we have been doing and then took all of the boys' temperatures - all were normal including the teachers as well. A couple of teachers went shopping for food and snacks (again) and the town of Olllantaytambo was pretty much empty. We picked up some Vitamin C for the boys and then Mrs. Vernier and Mr. Legge made homemade chips and guacamole and pasta and sauce for lunch. Mmm Mmm good. The boys had a workout at 4:00 pm led by Mr. Knorr and then we played charades at 5:00 - thanks to Ms. Robles for that. We went to dinner at 7:00 and were back before curfew at 8:00 pm. Brother Casey led a short reflection and then we watched the movie, "Alive" as a group followed by a short discussion before heading to bed an hour ago. Internet is a bit slow tonight so pictures will be added tomorrow. We had a good day and the boys are still in very good spirits.

Day 13 - DAy 4

We had a very nice day today as the sun was shining and the breeze helped to keep everything cool. Breakfast at 8:30 and then temperatures and Vitamin C - we all showed normal temperatures. Ms. Robles, Mr. Knorr and Mr. Legge made lunch - mini pizzas and pumpkin soup. After some quiet time - Mr. Knorr lead a workout and then Ms Robles and Mr. Legge lead a game of Heads Up. Dinner at Veronica's was pasta and vegetable soup and we were back by curfew. Ms. Robles and Mr. Legge led a reflection that was sent by Mrs. Wolfman from the website "Marc and Angel Hack Life" on things to do to keep you at peace today. We then had some brief sharing and then celebrated Mr. Knorr's birthday with some ice cream sandwiches. Here are some pictures from the last few days.

Playing Monopoly

Playing cards

Catching up on homework

View from our hotel

The courtyard

Matthew and Mrs. Vernier

Card tournament

In the dining hall

Hanging out

Our leader

Card throwing

Kitchen staff


just outside


Thanks Veronica

Diinner venue

Birthday wishes

Mr. Knorr's birthday

Heading home

Leave tomorrow morning for Cusco. A BIG thank you to all of the parents, Administration,, and staff who helped to make this happen.

Day 14

After a 6 and a half hour bus ride throughout the countryside picking up Canadians of all ages, we have arrived in Cusco and are staying at the Hilton Garden Inn. The boys are resting and we will be heading for dinner a around 6:30. All safe and sound in Cusco.