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"Christian is by far one of the best TAs I’ve ever had. He made the lab fun and was very approachable and helpful during the course of this class.”

-- Comparative Anatomy Lab

Spring 2018

"One of the best TAs I have ever had! He is incredibly passionate about what he does and makes sure that every student is learning skills that can be applied in real life settings.”

-- Vertebrate Natural History Lab

Fall 2018

"The best TA I’ve had. Christian kept class interesting and related topics back to things we could understand while still maintaining a sense of professionalism."

-- Intro to Biology for non-majors

Fall 2018

"Very enthusiastic, it was inspiring and refreshing to see in a TA. Encourages hands on learning and taught awesome techniques that can be used for future jobs. More TAs should be like Christian, he inspired me and made me excited for my future in the biology field.”

-- Vertebrate Natural History Lab

Spring 2019

"Best TA that I have had for a class. Always was super motivated to teach the class and kept it interesting. Explained concepts in ways that were easy to understand and used lots of visualizations to help get the concept across."

-- Mammalogy Lab

Fall 2020

"Christian is amazing! He loves to help the students in the class and after class and is very passionate about what he teaches."

"Made the class to feel very comfortable and made expectations and assignments clear. Created a positive environment which encouraged open ended discussion."

-- General Physiology Lab

Summer 2022

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