Archaeological Data

Open datasets relating to agro-pastoral subsistence and culture

Pavlinovo Dataset

by Bryan K. Hanks

Human-Animal Relationships in the Eurasian Steppe Iron Age.

Talgar Alluvial Fan Dataset

by Claudia Chang and Perry A. Tourtellotte

Settlement study of the Talgar Alluvial Fan, Almaty Province, Kazakhstan.

Cross cultural data for multivariate analysis of subsistence strategies

By Isaac I. Ullah

These are datasets of human subsistence, mobility, demographic, and environmental variables for the 186 cultures of the Standard Cross Cultural Sample.

Wadi Hasa Ancient Pastoralism Project, Data Archive

By Isaac I. Ullah

These are data files related to older surveys done in the Wadi al-Hasa region of central Jordan. They have been spatially corrected, and there are some new data too.

Please contact Isaac I. Ullah or Andreas Angourakis if you would like to add a dataset to this list.