Advanced Communication System Design (ACSD) Lab.


Our research is focused on the algorithm design for wireless communications, mainly including the following subjects:

* MIMO Precoding (多輸入多輸出前置編碼技術 )

* SWIPT (同步無線資訊與電力傳輸)

* Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) (非正交多工存取)

* Half- and Full-Duplex MIMO Relay Systems (半/全雙工MIMO中繼系統)

* Spatial Modulation (空間調變)

* FPGA Implementations for Baseband Algorithms (通訊基頻演算法之FPGA硬體實現 )

For details, please see Publication and Research Statements. If you are interested in communication algorithm design and want to learn more about this field, feel free to contact me.


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