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Success at the Illinois State Conference

Congratulations to Stillman's FBLA for their success at the Illinois FBLA State Conference this year. Members in attendance at the conference were: Mitch Guerrero, President, Nicole Bredeson, Vice President, Elizabeth Oltmanns, Secretary, Tyler Kubiszewski, Reporter, Michael Cavenagh, Historian, Logan Apsey, Web Master, Victor Callejo and Casey Madeen. Members were accompanied by their advisers, Mr. Ryan Read, Mrs. Tammy Pierson, and Ms. Cathie Murphy. Members were able to compete through online testing or through presentations at the State Conference.

"We were quite successful at the State Conference this year," stated Cathie Murphy, adviser. "Every year since we started up our FBLA Chapter at Stillman, we have been acknowledged at the State Conference for our March of Dimes work. However this year, our officers were determined to get up on stage for the awards this year, which we did. It was pretty awesome. We are so proud of these young people. They are simply amazing."

Winning awards for individual competition this year were:

  • Richie Sutliff, 5th place Introduction to Public Speaking
  • Mitch Guerrero, 7th place for Computer Problem Solving.

Stillman's FBLA also earned Chapter Awards. They were as follows:

  • American Enterprise Project Award, 6th Place
  • Community Service Project Award, 7th Place
  • Local Chapter Business Report Award, 6th Place

Not only did the members compete and participate in the workshops and competitions, but built into the trip this year was an opportunity for members to tour Springfield. The members arrived on Thursday afternoon and headed straight to the State Capitol for our tour. Members were able to sit in and watch the House of Representatives in action. They were also able to visit and make contact with our state representative offices. Though our representatives were not available, the members were given a tour of the offices by Senator Dave Syverson's Secretary, who was amazing. Members were also given free passes by our representatives to visit and explore the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. Before departing from Springfield, FBLA members also made a stop to visit the Lincoln Monument.

For more information on how you can become a part of the FBLA Chapter at Stillman, contact any officer or member, or Ms. Cathie Murphy, Mr. Ryan Read or Mrs. Tammy Pierson. FBLA Brochures and application forms are also available in room 103 or 106. Don't wait! Live without regret! Join today! We are waiting for you:)

Congratulations to Mitch Guerrero for completing his fourth and final level Business Achievement Award: America. Mitch is one of three in the State of Illinois that completed the fourth and final level. President Guerrero has been a profound and upfront leader this year for our FBLA Chapter. Mitch is one who leads by example and his completion of this honorary award is a tremendous accomplishment. The 4th level is not an easy level to complete. It takes a lot of hard work, collaboration and dedication to the tasks at hand, which separates leaders from the rest. We are truly proud of you, Mitch!

FBLA Partners with the Lion's Club

On Saturday, April ?????, FBLA with be partnering up with the Lion's Club to clean up Weld Park. All members are encouraged to participate to clean up the environment. We will be meeting at Weld Park at 8:50 a.m. Clean up will start at 9:00 a.m. We expect to be done by Noon. Service hours may be earned for this event.

Members: bring your friends and family to help clean up the park. The more the merrier! Let's make our park beautiful!

Lion's Club Presentation

Special thank you to the Lion's Club for their generous donation to Stillman's FBLA. Thank you for allowing our officers to come and share with you about FBLA. We also thank you for allowing us to be a part of your meeting and to watch parliamentarian procedure in action.

You all are awesome!

Left to right: Tammy Pierson, Adviser, Cathie Murphy, Adviser, Misael Guerrero, FBLA President, Norma Freeberg, Lion's Club President, Michael Cavenagh, FBLA Historian and Tyler Kubiszewski, FBLA Reporter.

2019-2020 Officers:

Members you have an opportunity to step up your involvement in FBLA by becoming officers for next year. Without officers, there is no FBLA. Mitch, Nicole and Elizabeth are graduating, so these positions are left vacate.

Requests for officer positions must be submitted by April 18. To learn more about an officer position, go to the "Officer" page on this Website and look under "Stillman Valley". All officer positions are open:

  • President: must be at least a junior with prior officer experience
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Reporter
  • Historian
  • Parliamentarian
  • Web Master

If you are already in an officer position, you will have to re-run for that position or another position for next year. Members will vote on all positions except the President position. This position is selected by the advisers.

You must have a business or a computer class next year to be either an officer or a member.

Support State of Illinois FBLA

Whenever you order from Amazon, you may now donate 5% of the proceeds to our Illinois State Chapter of FBLA.

  1. To order and support FBLA, please log into
  2. Search for the following charity: Future Business Leaders of America Phi Beta Lambda Inc in Carbondale, IL.
  3. Once you select our charity, it will continual come up under your accounts as an organization you are donating to. It will also let you know how much of your money has been donated to FBLA.

5% of your order will be donated to our State Chapter. On behalf of FBLA, we thank you for your support.

Business Word of the Week!

The Business word of the week is "equity"!

If you know what this word means, stop by Mr. Read's room (106). Give him a definition and then apply it in a sentence for a prize!

Win a Surprise!

Current FBLA Awards

BA Business Award:

Congratulations to Michael Cavenagh for earning his 2nd level Business Achievement Award. Way to go Michael!

BA Future Award:

Congratulations to Logan Apsey and Tyler Kubiszewski for earning their first level BA Future Award. Awesome job guys! We are so proud!

State Competitive Reports

A special thank you to Nicole Bredeson and Mitch Guerrero for writing up the American Enterprise Report for State Competition and a special thank you to Elizabeth Oltmanns for writing up the Community Service report for State. Great job folks!

Who will be March's "Member of the Month?"

February's Member of the Month!

Congratulations to Elizabeth Oltmanns for being select "February FBLA Member of the Month". Elizabeth completed her 2nd and 3rd level BA awards and has almost completed her 4th level. Elizabeth has been a member for only one year and is almost done with her 4th level. She has also earned over 200 hours if service as well as finishing 4th in Business Law at the Northern Regional competition as well as finishing in the top five of the Battle of the Chapter. She also completed the Community Service Report for State competition.

February's FBLA I Stepped It UP:

Congratulations to Michael Cavenagh for being selected for the "I Stepped It Up" pin for February". Michael has been successful at completing his first level BA award, his first level service hour award, and is developing a marketing plan for FBLA. Great job Michael!

February's FBLA I Stepped It UP:

Congratulations to Logan Aspey for being selected for the "I Stepped It Up" pin for February". Logan has accepted the Web Master position for the remaining part of this year, and has been spending time working on the Website. He is also in charge of all the FBLA social media sites. He has also about ready to complete his first level BA Award.