SoLA Learning Technology Unit (LT) was developed to support for the E-learning concept. Part of the unit’s work is helping the staff members of the faculty understand the E-Learning concept and give consultations with a variety of innovations and technology tools. We provide platforms, online resources, training, research, knowledge sharing and tech news to enhance the educations.

Explore how to use a variety of learning and teaching with technology tools


KMUTT LMS that helps you create class easily

Update Tech news and sharing your ideas

Sample Online Activities

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Sample Online Activities

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Recommended Online Courses

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Guidelines for designing online courses

1.Planning , redesign activities , and select tools (think about activities, assessments, and accessibility).

2. Creating contents and activities e.g. producing video file, uploading document, linking online resources, and preparing exercises, and assignments (clearly instructions), be aware of copyright.

3. Communicating: use your group communication tools ( Line or FB) to make announcements, send links, inform about leaning tools, and etc.