RNA biology

of early zebrafish embryogenesis

We study the molecular and cellular biology of RNA molecules, and how post-transcriptional gene regulation at the RNA level underlies embryonic development.

    • How do cells control hundreds-of-thousands of RNA transcripts after their production?

    • What is the role of post-transcriptional RNA regulation during early embryogenesis?

    • How do cells produce precise RNA levels at the right place at the right time?

    • How is this information encoded in the genome sequence?

    • What are the physiological implications to embryogenesis and differentiation into specialized cell types?

To answer these questions, we use a system-level approach that combines large-scale genomics with in-depth genetic and functional investigations, and a powerful animal model: the zebrafish embryo.

These has important implications, which range from fertility and disease mechanisms to the bioengineering of RNA molecules for various applications.