Dr. Adi Torfstein is a senior lecturer at the Institute of Earth Sciences in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a resident scientist at the Interuniversity Institute of Marine Sciences of Eilat.

Research fields: Geochemistry, Oceanography, Paleoclimate, Geology

My research focuses on the reconstruction of past climate changes through the investigation of geochemical and sedimentary processes in marine and lacustrine archives. I am also interested in the signal transfer between the modern atmosphere and oceans to the geological record. Accordingly, my research combines between time series of modern terrigenous fluxes and biogeochemical cycles in the oceans, and of late Quaternary marine and lacustrine records.

Main interests: Isotope and trace element geochemistry of seawater and sediments, seawater biogeochemistry, dust, paleoclimate, paleoceanography, geochronology, sediment provenance, U-decay series.

See the links to the 7th Kaplan Symposium that i recently convened and to the HUJI Oceanography program website.

Below are some pictures from our field and lab work:

Sediment traps and seawater geochemistry

Down-core studies

Dead Sea


May, 2017 dust storm

Same spot (IUI shore), different day

Dust trap

Dust filter collected after the September 2015 Mega-storm

Clean lab