Taipei Huajiang High School

Hua-Jiang is an extraordinary community senior high school, whose goal is to achieve excellence and to “complete each child,” as the final leg of the government’s 12-year compulsory education program.

First and foremost, Hua-Jiang, which means “row the boat” in Chinese, helps students to develop their multiple talents and to prepare them for productive lives outside of school.

Second, our school focuses on “holistic education,” to educate our students based on our LOVE specialized program, which stands for Liberal, Original, Vision and Explore. We help students to prepare for a changing world. Through effective teaching, we help students cultivate their abilities so that they can be the “MVPs” in all walks of life.

Our Goals:

  1. LOVE On Campus: To implement the Group Curriculum Development by all teachers, including the specialized LOVE curriculum, as well as improving our equipment and our facilities in order to create an excellent learning environment for our students.
  2. Broadening Our Horizons: To work hard on moral education and broadening students’ horizons in all fields.
  3. Teachers Continuing to Learn: To encourage teachers to participate in a variety of teaching seminars and to conduct professional development training to enhance teaching proficiency.
  4. Building Capability for Future Careers: To counsel students on their continued development and coping skills, helping to prepare them for their future careers.