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fish • lad • der [noun]

a series of pools built like steps to enable fish to bypass waterfalls or dams.

There is a fishladder on the west side of the Grand River that allows fish like salmon and steelhead to move upstream, past the Sixth Street dam, toward Lansing. The structure features a viewing deck for visitors to watch the fish travel upstream.


Thank you for submitting to fishladder, Grand Valley’s student journal of art and writing.

fishladder seeks outstanding, thoughtful, and polished work from creators of all backgrounds and identities. Our mission is to give voice to the student body by providing a home for art created by the unique and diverse students in our campus community.

fishladder is open for submissions from October 8 through December 14. More information on submission guidelines can be found by clicking ‘submit’ at the top of this page.

Thank you, in advance, for sharing your work with us. This journal wouldn’t be entering its seventeenth year without your willingness to be vulnerable, your passion to create, and your willingness to be generous with your work.

Please contact editor-in-chief Aleigha Kely with questions or issues submitting at

On behalf of myself and the fishladder staff, we truly can’t wait to read and review your work.

Thank you,

Aleigha Kely, editor-in-chief



applications to join the fishladder team are due October 14th in the writing department office (LOH 326)

fishladder opens for submissions on October 15th


the fishladder website remains open for submissions

fishladder staff is finalized & has its first all-staff meeting


fishladder submissions close December 20

january & february

fishladder staff holds meetings & discusses submissions

submitters are notified of acceptances


editors design fishladder & send to print


fishladder's grand unveiling will be held on April 19

read the 2018 edition of fishladder here:

Cover photo: Black and White by Mariah Gozos