United States History

University High School

Fresno, California

Mr. Peter Johnson

Room 103

Course Syllabus

United States History Syllabus 2017-2018.doc

Teacher Contact Information

Email: pejohnson@mail.fresnostate.edu

Phone: 559-278-5741

Fall Semester

Unit 1: Early Colonization Through 1800

USHIST Reading List 1 2017.doc
USHIST HW 1A 2017.doc
USHIST HW 1B 2017.doc

Unit 2: From 1800 Until 1877

Homework 2A

USHIST HW 2A 2017.doc

Reading List 2

USHIST Reading List 2 2017.doc
USHIST HW 2B 2017.doc

Homework 2B

Unit Two Review Answers.doc

Unit Two Review Answers

Unit 3: The Late Nineteenth Century

Homework 3A

USHIST HW 3A 2017.doc
USHIST Reading List 3 2017.doc

Reading List 3

USHIST HW 3B 2017.doc

Homework 3B

Unit 4: The Turn Of The Century

Reading List 4

USHIST Reading List 4 2017.doc
USHIST HW 4A 2017.doc

Homework 4A

USHIST HW 4B 2017.doc

Homework 4B

Unit 5: The First World War and the 1920's

USHIST Reading List 5 2017.doc
USHIST HW 5A 2017.doc
USHIST HW 5B 2017.doc

Spring Semester

Unit 6: Depression And War

Homework 6A

USHIST HW 6A 2018.doc
USHIST Reading List 6 2018.doc

Reading List 6

USHIST HW 6B 2018.doc

Homework 6B

Unit 7: From 1945 to 1960

USHIST HW 7A 2018.doc
USHIST Reading List 7 2018.doc
USHIST HW 7B 2018.doc

Unit 8: From 1960 to 1980

USHIST HW 8A 2018.doc
USHIST Reading List 8 2018.doc
USHIST HW 8B 2018.doc
Research_Paper_Critique_Sheet 2016.doc

Unit Nine: 1980-2000

USHIST HW 9A 2018.doc
USHIST HW 9B 2018.doc