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Physics is the basis of science and engineering, since everything in the universe obeys the patterns and rules of physics. This is why we teach it first at UHS. The most amazing thing about it is that a set of simple rules can explain the complicated behavior we see in real life.

Every day I will update the calendar with what we did that day and when activities are due. On the calendar I will also put the dates of quizzes and tests.

This document contains expectations and policies each student will need to know to be successful in physics this year including late work and makeup assignment deadlines, academic integrity policy, and grading policies

This web page contains materials such as useful websites I have found, class rules, supplies needed for physics, groups roles in labs and whiteboarding, and the table of contents and format for your notebook. For notes, problems sets, and such, go to the home button on the top of the page, click the arrow, and go to the current Unit.

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