Musicianship II

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Course Syllabus

Teacher Contact Information

Gerard Patrick Jones

559 278 0434

Fall Semester

Unit 1

Musicology: From Renaissance to Baroque/Listening and Writing I/Analysis I

Music Theory: Review Figured Bass, Dominant 7ths, Cadences, Modulatory Functions

Continuous harmonic motion using sequences and cycles of secondary dominants, Fortspinnung, Stretto

Composition I: 5th Species Counterpoint in 3 voices

Audiation: Tonal Patterns in solfeggio using tonic/dominant functions, Melodic/Harmonic Identification I (M/H ID I)

Unit 2

Musicology: Baroque Music Study Guide I

Early baroque Music

Analysis I

Music Theory: Composition I - 5th species counterpoint in 3 voices

Audiation: Tonal patterns/Major tonality/All functions

Partial Synthesis 2 and 3

Unit 3

Music of the Middle Baroque Period

Analysis II

Unit 4

Music of the Late Baroque

Analysis III


Composition II

Unit 5

Bach, Handel and Vivaldi

Baroque Stylistic features

Analysis IV

Final Exams, Semester I

Unit 6

Unit 7

Unit 8

Unit 9

Unit 10

Unit 11

Unit 12