Course Syllabus

Teacher Contact Information

Gerard Patrick Jones

559 278 0434

Fall Semester

Unit 1

Unit I: Musicology - Prehistory through the Neolithic Period

Listening and Writing 1

What is Music?

Lesson 1: Music Theory - Intervals and Scales/Worksheets 1-1, 1-2

Audiation: Rhythmic Patterns/Rhythmic Dictation/Aural-Oral/Verbal & Symbolic Association

Tune of the Week: UHS Alma Mater

Unit 2

Unit I-2: Music of the Neolithic Period

Traditional and National Music

Music becomes Task-Driven

Elements of Music

Pentatonic Scale

Call and Response

Archaism of the Periphery

Music Theory Lesson 2: Minor Scales

Natural, Melodic and Harmonic minor scales


Enharmonic Equivalence

Worksheets 2-1 and 2-2

Intervals in Solfeggio

Rhythmic Dictation in duple meter

Tune of the week: Heman Dubh (Oran Luaidh)

Unit 3

Musicology Unit 2-1: Medieval and Early Gothic Periods

Texture: monophony, polyphony, homophony

Ars Antiqua

Ars Nova

Life and Works of Hildegard von Bingen

Theory Lesson 3

Key Signatures

Relative and Parallel keyalities

Modal Tonalities

Unit 4

Musicology Unit 2-2

Middle Gothic Period

Polyphonic Organum

Perotin Magister

Types of Melodic and Harmonic Motion

Use of a Cantus Firmus

Troubadours, Trouveres and Minnesingers

Bernard de Ventadoorn

Theory Lesson 4: Triads and Triad qualities

Scale Degrees and Figured Bass

Unit 5

Musicology Unit 2-3

Late Gothic Period

Guillaume de Machaut


Harmonic and non-Harmonic tones

Theory Lesson 5: Inversions of triads

Melodic Dictation

Unit 6

Musicology: Late Gothic

Theory Lesson 6: 1st Species Counterpoint

Implied Functions of Triads w/figured bass

Tonal patterns in solfeggio

melodic dictation

Unit 7

Musicology: Analysis I

Theory Lesson 7: 2nd Species Counterpoint

Composition I

Final Exams, Semester I

Unit 8

Unit 9

Unit 10

Unit 11

Unit 12