Welcome to Drama for Fall 2020!

You'll be able to find Zoom codes, announcements, assignments, and Drama production updates posted on Google Classroom. Please check frequently. I will use Remind for short messages, and that's a good way to reach me quickly. (Remind codes will also be posted on Classroom.) Otherwise, please email me if you have any questions: kmcknight@mail.fresnostate.edu

Drama 1 (Beginning Drama) students on Mondays/Wednesdays, 3:00-3:50: please join Drama 1 MW Google Classroom. Use code: ldiljqu

Drama 1 (Beginning Drama) students on Tuesdays/Thursdays, 4:00-4:50: please join Drama 1 TTH Google Classroom. Use code: hvasoyg

Drama 2 (Advanced Drama) students on Mondays/Wednesdays, 4:00-4:50: please join Drama 2 MW Google Classroom. Use code: ixqgu3s

Drama 2 (Advanced Drama) students on Tuesdays/Thursdays, 3:00-3:50: please join Drama 2 TTH Google Classroom. Use code: ydeeter

Meet your Drama teacher: Ms. Kate McKnight. Please note: even though I'm married, I use my maiden name, so I'm not Mrs. McKnight. I use the title Ms. ("Miz")

This is my 29th year as an educator. I've taught theatre arts at the middle school, high school and university levels. Previously, I was the Visual & Performing Arts Coordinator for Fresno Unified, and an arts magnet high school director and assistant principal. I hold a BA in Acting from UC Santa Cruz, and a MA in Education from CSU Fresno, as well as a teaching credential and an administrative credential.

I am also a Lecturer in the Theatre Arts & Dance Dept. at Fresno State; I act regularly for local theatre companies, direct at least two productions each year, and do occasional work as a voiceover actor. Teaching Drama is one of my long-time passions.

And, I love hats. I will frequently appear on Zoom wearing a hat, many of which belong to my husband who has a hat tree (yes, it's really a tree inside) with two dozen hats.