25 Years of Science

The Fresno Science program has been in existence in excess of 25 years. Over hundreds of thousands of students have been impacted by our programming. Generations of students have gone on to become young professional scientists with careers in the medical, engineering, and physics fields of study. The Fresno Community Science Program is a sister site of the Mission Science Workshop in San Francisco, and due in large part to a $3.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation. There are 10 informal science workshops in the state of California that are under the prolific guidance of founder Dan Sudran, the Fresno Community Science Workshop found a permanent home at the City of Fresno P.A.R.C.S. department.


  • To increase enthusiasm for science
  • To help students develop cooperative leadership, mentoring and communication skills.
  • To teach parents how to effectively take part in their child's learning.
  • To develop positive attitudes about the environment and our community.

Mobile Sci Workshop

The mobile Science Workshop is a 40 foot traveling science lab that visits schools, events, and community organizations. The Lab is equipped with tools and materials needed to create and build a variety of projects and activities.

Life and Environmental Science

Our Life and Environmental Science Program takes students out of the workshop and into the San Joaquin River. We teach students canoeing, stand-up-paddle-boarding, swimming and kayaking. We also go on overnight camping excursions at Sierra and Sequoia National Parks. Students learn teamwork and communication skills while exploring and appreciating our natural resources and escaping our summer heat.

Family Science Night

At neighborhood schools, the students and parents participate together and demonstrate their love of science by exploring hands on activities .

I Love Science !

Informal Science Workshop

The informal science workshop at the Highway City Community Science Center offers after school opportunities to "hang out with a purpose." Parents are strongly encouraged to drop in and participate in their children's learning.