***Additional Badges Coming Soon***

Plagiarism Prevention Tutorial & Digital Badge

Image of the Library Tutorials landing page with a list of tutorials, including a highlighted link to the Preventing Plagiarism tutorial.

As of Fall 2019, the Plagiarism Prevention tutorial and quiz must be accessed via Fresno State's Canvas learning management system.

Students will need to self-enroll in the Library Tutorials canvas course using this link: https://fresnostate.instructure.com/enroll/AYKKRE

From the Library Tutorials landing page, click on the "Preventing Plagiarism" link to begin the tutorial.

Students can earn a badge for any of the modules they complete on this page.

In order to complete the requirements for the Plagiarism Prevention Badge, students will need to watch the tutorial (approx. 45 mins) and take the accompanying 10 question quiz. 8 of the 10 questions must be answered correctly to earn the badge. You can attempt the quiz 3 times.

By completing the tutorial and quiz in Canvas, the library will be able to issue the student a digital badge. These badges will serve as evidence of completion of each individual module. Students can share a link to their badge for evidence of completion. Due to the volume of students completing modules, the library will not be able to provide any additional information on completion. For more information about digital badges, explore the links on this page. More information about earning badges can be found here.

Questions? Contact librarian Amanda Dinscore at adinscore@mail.fresnostate.edu