Course Syllabus

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What to do when you are struggling in the class?

Make sure after the lesson that you are taking advantage of asking me for help. Please come up to my desk and ask questions. It may appear as thought I'm busy, but I'm never too busy to answer a question.

If this doesn't work, we will set up a time outside of class to meet. In this situation, I will have students who are struggling with the similar topic come in at the same time to get help. You must use time wisely in class to ask questions in order for this to become an option. This will not be an option if you are not asking questions during class time.

What should parents/guardians do when your child is struggling in the class?

Please encourage your child to ask questions during class. Please encourage your child to come and talk to me about their struggles with the class.

Please contact me first. I'm happy to set up a parent/guardian meeting if you are concerned about your child's progress.

Math XL

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