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Meet your Parent Liaison, Melissa Lohr

Hello everyone! My name is Melissa Lohr and I am the Parent Liaison at Flat Rock. I am new to the position but I have been an involved parent here for the last 3 years. I’ve held PTO positions, coached the robotics team and volunteered in orchestra. I have a 9th grader at Sandy Creek and a 7th grader at our school. My purpose is to assist you (all our parents and guardians) with the resources and information you may need to help your children succeed in school. I am here to help you navigate this 3 year adventure we call middle school by serving as a link connecting you with our school. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at lohr.melissa@mail.fcboe.org.

The Resource Hub

Room 601


Monday: 8-1pm

Tuesday: 10:30-3pm

Wednesday: 8-1pm

Thursday: 10:30-3pm

Friday: 8-1pm

Or By Appointment

The resources in our Hub are funded by Title 1 and are available for all of our families and teachers to use. Everyone is invited to stop in and check out any of the items we have that can help our students succeed. To schedule an appointment or to request more information about our resource hub please contact, Melissa Lohr at lohr.melissa@mail.fcboe.org

We Have Information on the Transition to Middle School

Unprecedented times call for creative ways to connect with our future Eagle families. We will host our Moving to Middle School meetings online this summer. If you have any questions before we have those meetings, please click on the "Ask Questions" box.

I have been the new to middle school parent before, but I cannot even begin to imagine how much more complicated it may seem without the benefit of student field trips, parent night meetings, us visiting your elementary school, tours, and so on. Please know that we are all working hard to re-imagine this experience not only for your children, but you as well.

If your 5th grader is your first adventure into the middle school experience then you might not know what to expect. Maybe you are wondering what the school looks like? Maybe you and your child have questions? Maybe you don’t even know, what you don’t know. Fear not, I promise we are all here to help.

I went through my 4 years worth of pictures I’ve taken at school events and realized that I never really took any pictures of the building. I was at school cleaning out my office the other day, and had a light bulb moment. I decided that I would walk through the building and take some pictures. It’s certainly not the fancy tour I could have done in person, but I hope it will help you all to see our space.

***Disclaimer, we, the staff, are in the process of cleaning out our rooms for summer maintenance...hence the excessive stuff in the hallways and rooms without decorations. Also, there was no chance I was going ask for hallway lights to be turned on, so if a picture looks dark, it’s less about my sketchy photography skills and more about lights being off. Scroll through my photo album, I did add info to 99% of the pictures.

I hope this helps, even if just a little.

We Have a WAAG (Week At A Glance)

The Week At A Glance is a weekly publication that is emailed out on Friday afternoons by the school and is designed to share the weeks upcoming school wide events and updates on things going on around the school.

We Have Meetings & Workshops

Throughout the year we offer a variety of opportunities for you to come in and meet with us. Our Parent Power Series is sponsored by Title 1 and is geared toward informing, empowering and engaging parents in their student’s learning process.We offer workshops throughout the school year.

We Have Books

I'd love for you to come in and browse our books during the day or set up a time to meet with me outside of my scheduled hours. We have books for parents on raising teenagers, helping with homework and much more. We also have books in Spanish, translation dictionaries and high level lexile picture books.

If you would prefer, you are welcome to scroll through the list of books we have on our shelves and I will happily send the book(s) you are interested in home with your child. All you need to do is click on the button below the listing of books.

Books Available for Check Out- HUB

We Have Games & Learning Tools

Would you like to borrow an educational game or activity to assist your child with concepts they need a little extra help with? You can check out resources either in person or by completing the form below the list of items located in our Hub.

If you want to help your child at home but don't know what to check out, I can work with your child's teacher to send home appropriate items.

Games and Manipulatives Available for Check Out- HUB

We Have Technology

In our newly renovated Resource Hub we have two computers and a printer available for you to use. We also have TI-36x Pro Scientific Calculators if you need to check one out for your child.

How to access the school's technology resources for students.

FRMS Student Passwords

How to access the school's technology resources for parents.

Parent How to

We Have Informational Brochures

The Parent Institute brochures available in our school lobby offer you information on a variety of topics, to help you and your child(ren) navigate school, family and social concerns. If you can't make it into the school and would like brochures sent home on specific topics please look through the list below and then click on the brochure request form.

Brochure Listing

We Have a School Compact

This Title 1 compact outlines how the parents, the entire school staff, and the students will share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement as well as how the school and parents will build and develop a partnership that will help children achieve the state’s high standards. It is of the utmost importance that communication between teachers and parents take place on an ongoing basis in the form of conferences and/or progress reports.

2019-2020 School Compact

Learning Through Literacy: Reading & Math Parent Workshop

Slide Presentations - 9/28/19

2019 Math Literacy Meeting PP

We Have Parent & Student Orientations

We can appreciate all the feelings associated with being new, whether it is new to our school or a new year with new classes.

  • Camp Soaring Eagle: Incoming 6th graders have an opportunity to attend our half day camp offered two different days in July to learn more about the school; through games and activities, practice opening lockers and to ask questions. Parents are invited to hear from our administration and guidance counselors, take a tour of the school and ask questions. (Rising 6th Graders & Parents) (Summer)
  • Open House/Curriculum Night: Walk your child's schedule and hear from their teachers and learn about their classroom expectations. (All Parents) (Fall)

We Have Ways for You to Be Involved

You are a valued part of our Flat Rock family. If you have a little free time, we have many ways that you can help.

The safety and the care of our students is a top priority. Schools are required by the State of Georgia to train all volunteers as mandated reporters of child abuse and the school system now requires all volunteers to complete an application. If you click on this link it will direct you to the FRMS website page where the application, video and form are located. You must complete in order to volunteer in the building.

We Have a PTO

If you are interested in learning more about our Parent Teacher Organization. click on the PTO icon below.

We Have Interpreter Services

Alexandra Gomez is our Title 1 Interpreter. She assists with communications between families and teachers and administration. She translates information for our families by phone, in person, at school during the school day and at most meetings. Ms. Gomez can be reached by calling the school or by email at gomez.alexandra@mail.fcboe.org.

We Have Systems of Care to Support All Students During the Covid-19 Pandemic