STEAM Day_11.03.17

SHES_STEAM_Week 7_11.04.17

Dear Spring Hill Engineers:

This will be the second rotation with all the groups working independently. There is freedom in this but also a challenge of everyone leading versus owning. If we own the experience then we have something that it ours; its mine and I have some of it and am not planning on giving it away. Conversely, if I lead, my purpose is beyond me. Vision translates into purpose. The barriers of working as a team to make progress and enhance the STEAM program starts with a vision which supplies the momentum through the barriers.

Purpose is unique in that, without it, there are no means. If the focus is on me them I am the end. I am the owner. I cannot be the means and the end at the same time. Purpose is the path to meaning. The progress towards purpose is a journey and what if the "what" changed to a "who"? Who is my purpose? Today, during STEAM, that is our purpose. We (the facilitators), you (the students), and your future self are in the forefront of why we are doing this.

We must become empowered by purpose and a means to and end that is not (me) and is not (you). Today is not about "us" and what "we" can do. This is more than ourselves and a day to live selflessly. If there is no purpose there is no reason. Pay attention to what stirs your heart. Purpose is often found at the intersection of a broken heart, opportunity, and skill. Make a point to surround yourself with on-purpose people. Your friends determine the direction and quality of your life.

Today there will be challenges and, to help you through them remember:

  • Purpose is a means to an end.
  • Purpose has a price.
  • Purpose is a path to meaning.

Ask, Imagine, plan, create, and improve.

Mr. Eller

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