STEAM Day_08.25.17

SHES_STEAM_Week 2_08.24.17

Weekly tweaks are helping. I felt good about the Pre-Kindergarten change of space. The introduction felt unifying as we met together each block. Working on space arrangements was exciting and creative. Seeing the kids engaging in different elements of experience was enlightening. Constantly learning is addicting. Learning with the kids and the team is energizing. Of course, there are elements to improve on and, from the outside those elements look quite significant, but I feel like the team is beginning to own the experience and responsibility of STEAM and the challenge of planning for these Fridays. I am looking forward to working towards improvements. This is good and we can form our own oasis ~ we don't have to be in an administrative role to lead. We can own our experience and be open with the trials and success of the journey.

Communicate by using action and word.

Collaborate and let ideas be heard.

Create the change; let knowledge be transferred.

Evaluate the outcome so your thoughts don't get blurred.