Help SAL!

Snowman On A Mission

This year the weather has been so crazy. One day it is hot, and the next it is cold. This does not look good for Sal the snowman. He needs to make sure that the weather stays cold and he can enjoy the winter months without melting away. He is going to have to reach out to some of his snowman friends if he is going to pull off a climate miracle!

He might need to call in reinforcements too. The more snowmen he has on his side the better! It also won't hurt to know how many daylight hours he has to survive on March 20th, the first day of Spring!

With a little planning I think Sal can pull this off. He might just want to collect a few items first. He might want to collect some pine cones, call in some help from bird friends, and even reach out to the wise old owl.

Clearly Sal knew that the only snowman he could count on was one everyone knew. He was quite the jolly happy soul!

These guys want to pitch in and maybe help you keep the climate nice and cool by giving you a clue.