Covid-19 Information

COVID Operating Status Codes


Normal School/Activities
Description: Under the green approach, school and its activities occur under a regular schedule. Buses run normally scheduled routes and all students move about in a manner which delivers instruction in as normal a manner as possible.
Disruptions in the following areas may still occur:● Teacher Dress (PPE may be required)● Student/Adult Meal Location and Delivery● Elementary Recess Procedures● Passing Times● Restroom Usage● Disinfecting and Sanitation of Classrooms and other Facilities● Pickup and Drop-Off of Students● School Visitor Procedures● Delivery of Material Goods● Other Items Not Listed Here


Substantial Disruptions to Normal Operations with Limited Student Attendance
Description: Under the yellow approach, school and its activities are substantially disrupted. All staff are required to be at work, but all students will not be in school for a normally scheduled school day. In this approach, general societal physical distancing guidelines are likely in place with implications for building operations. Individual student education plans and 504s are still followed. It is important to note that different approaches for different buildings, classrooms, staff and activities may be necessary.
Disruptions in the following areas will likely occur:● Full-Time, On-Site Attendance for Students● Student Transportation● Student/Adult Meal Service● Instructional Delivery/Feedback/Assessment● Student Activities● Disinfecting and Sanitation of Classrooms and other Facilities● Individual employee responsibilities and areas of focus● Other Unforeseen Areas Not Listed Here


Off-Site Schooling for All Students and Most Employees
Description: Under the red approach, on-site school is effectively canceled. Instructional delivery, feedback, and assessment all occur online. The district will work to make sure that all students have access to online instruction with limited in-person interaction where appropriate. All student activities will be effectively canceled. Employees of the district will function remotely when possible, though some may be required to report to school for duties. Some employees may also be reassigned to other areas and duties as needed.
Disruptions in all areas of school operations will likely occur.