My name is Shawn, and I am an instructor at the City College of San Francisco. I prefer that students contact me through the Canvas Inbox feature, but if you don't have access to that communication tool, then feel free to contact me by email. In either case, you can expect a response within 48 hours Monday through Friday except on holidays during the the school semester.

Instructor Contact Information

Shawn Wiggins
Mathematics Department
Batmale Hall 764
Monday & Wednesday
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Course Information

This a course that focuses on the logical foundations of proof writing, the analysis of fundamental discrete mathematical structures, and other related topics for those pursuing a degree in Computer Science or Mathematics. Feel free to view the course syllabus for more detailed information.

Enrollment Logistics

The college's enrollment system automatically handles the official waitlist for this course. Once the course has begun, you may request to be added to the wait list by emailing me using your official @mail.ccsf.edu email address with your name and official CCSF registration date. I will be adding students during the first two weeks of the semester based on the course's capacity. Priority will be given to those on the school's official waitlist and then by registration date. If you do not log in to Canvas and participate in the course within the first two weeks, then you will be dropped from the course. Additionally, if you do not participate in the course for any two consecutive weeks without notification, then you will be dropped from the course.

Spring 2020 - Important Information

This is a hybrid course that mostly exists virtually within the Canvas Learning Management System; however, there is one required in-person meeting for a 2-hour final exam on [date to be determined] at [location to be determined]. You must attend this exam or you will receive a failing letter grade for the course. The course officially starts on January 27th. Keep an eye on your @mail.ccsf.edu email account for a welcome letter one week before the course begins. The textbook is digital and will cost $58 to access for the semester. You must access it through Canvas.

Additional Information

Canvas Support Hotline
(844) 592-2198 available 24/7