Ms. Bob at her desk.

Welcome to Fall 2019!

Thank you for your interest in my classes. I like to think they're enjoyable, fun even. I’ve taught at City College for a long time and some of the jokes you'll hear have taken me 20 years to perfect. Sign-up. Bet you’ll be smiling while you're learning.

During Fall 2019 I’m teaching two subjects:

A survey of the diverse roots of American music up to the creation of rock ‘n’ roll. This is a hybrid course, half taught online and half face-to-face on the Ocean Campus.

Multiple levels from beginning note-reading to playing more advanced pieces in small groups. Taught at the Mission Center on Monday nights.

Instructor Contact Info

Office phone: 415-452-5242

You can also reach me via the Canvas email. I check both Inboxes every day and strive to respond within 48 hours, M-F.

Office Hours:

  • OCEAN CAMPUS: Arts 209, Music Department Office, Mon. 2:00–3:00 pm
  • MISSION CENTER: Before guitar class by appointment
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