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Welcome to Fall 2019!

Congratulations on starting a different mathematics course. Classic mathematics courses are utilitarian models that are extremely refined and well studied for thousand of years. In this course we aim to study rather modern concepts. Concepts with immediate applications in Automated Reasoning, Bio-computing, Fractals, PGP-Coding, Quantum computing and Complexity of computations. If you compare Calculus course to a powerful bulldozer this course can then be compared to an aerodynamic ultra modern concept car! Just as learning to use the calculus bulldozer, in order to enjoy the powerful concept car one needs to study the manual and practice the controls. However since many features are quite modern and developing you can contribute to its growth as you are learning !

MATH 70-DEO is a 3-unit fully online course which provides a survey of mathematics for students with nontechnical goals. Topics include problem solving, set theory, logic, number theory, modeling with functions, geometry, finance, combinatorics, probability, and the role of mathematics in modern society. This course is designed to enhance student appreciation of both the beauty and utility of mathematics.

Course Basics

MATH 70, CRN -78889-196 with instructor Farzan Riazati, PhD

Dates: September 3rd, 2019 to December 16, 2019

3 units, fully online with required on-campus meetings for Final Exam.

CREDIT/DEGREE APPLICABLE (meets all standards of Title 5. Section 55002(a)) : UC/CSU

Adding the Class, Waitlisted. Late Add

As of 8/21/2019, The course is full, with a full waitlist,

If on the waitlist please check back on 9/2/2019.

If you are not on the waitlist it is highly unlikely to receive an add code.

If you are requesting an add code, please send an informative CCSF-email to the instructor with your name, student ID number, and anything else you'd like to share about your motivation to take this course. Please note that the class fills up quickly and moves quickly, so we may not be able to provide ADD codes after the first week. It will take approximately 24 hours from the time you add to be added to Canvas.

Students may add the course as Late Add without instructor's approval before the deadline set by college. After the deadline students need to contact the instructor. Instructor will decide on a case by case basis considering space availability, the waitlist, inquiry date and ....on such inquiries within 24 hrs.

Important Dates

  • [Please check the following dates in the Instructional Calendar. or in the online Schedule of Classes by hovering over the deadlines link next to your class listing.]
  • Day Class Begins: ............................................................................09/03/2019
  • Day Class Ends: ...........................................................................12/16/2019
  • Final Exam Date: In Person..........................................................12/16/2019

Dropping the Class

If you decide to discontinue this course, it is your responsibility to officially drop it to avoid getting no refund (after 10% of course length), a W symbol (after 20%), or a grade (after 60%). Also, for several consecutive, unexplained absences, the instructor may drop a student.


Fall 2019 - Publicly available MATH70-DEO syllabus on Canvas for Fall 2019

Required Textbook, Technology

Mathematical Excursions | 4th Edition ISBN: 9781305965584

This book as an E-book or printed version, is the current CCSF mathematics department approved textbook for this course. Your learning in this course may exceed way beyond the coverage of the textbook however textbook sets a common minimum expectation of learning and coverage. Please see course syllabus for detail information regarding purchasing E-book access rights.


Students will use the Canvas Learning Management system [for assignment instructions, submitting assignments, viewing classmates' work, sharing resources, and viewing grades]. I can help with the course material and with some Canvas issues. But, if you need help uploading an assignment or with the mechanics of Canvas, Canvas help is the number to call.

For 24/7 help with Canvas call: 1-844-592-2198.

Zoom Video Conferencing

If you wish to meet with me and you are unable to come to campus. We can meet in my Zoom room , via Video Conferencing using your cellular phone, or notebook.

Required Software

Instructor Contact Info

Instructor: Farzan Riazati, PhD,

Please use the Canvas Inbox for course-related issues, preferred method of contact once the course goes live. I will respond within 24-48 hours, except Sundays.

City College of San Francisco, Mathematics Department

Ocean Campus, 50 Frida Kahlo Way, BAT 361, San Francisco, CA 94112

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