East Asian Calligraphy: An Introduction

calligraphy and painting by Emperor Huizong of Song Dynasty

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Calligraphy is the best embodiment of East Asian beauty and aesthetic ideas. Our class will examine the historical development and cultural aspects of the East Asian (China, Japan, Korea) calligraphy, and look into their relation with East Asian philosophy, religion, literature, and art. We will explore various East Asian scripts, artistic styles, and aesthetic principles. The most exciting activity is we are going to do hand-on practice to experience technique and discipline of East Asian calligraphy.

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Instructor Contact Info

Instructor: Chu-Hui Judy Lai, PhD,


(415) 239-3664

Please use the Canvas Inbox for course-related issues, preferred method of contact once the course goes live. I will respond within 24-48 hours, except Saturdays and Sundays.

City College of San Francisco, Asian Studies Department

Ocean Campus, 50 Frida Kahlo Way, Batmale 373, San Francisco, CA 94112

Course Information

ASIA 11-DE1 is a full semester, 3 units, fully online course (no face-to face meeting)

The semester begins on Aug 19, 2019 and ends on Dec 17, 2019

This course satisfies: CSU UC transferable IGETC: Area 3: 3A Arts

There are no prerequisites/corequisites/advisories for this class

Required Textbook

Yee Chiang (蒋彝), Chinese Calligraphy: An Introduction to Its Aesthetic and Technique, Cambridge and London: Harvard University Press, any edition

ISBN: 0-674-12226-7

Course Syllabus

ASIA 11-DE1 Syllabus

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 Chinese calligraphy by Wang Xianzhi of 4th century

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 Chinese calligraphy by Wang Xizhi of 4th century