Welcome to Spring 2020!

I'm Jill Tregor, MPH, an instructor at City College of San Francisco. Welcome to my website. You can find information here about the classes I teach, how to get in touch with me, and some important policies. Here's some more information about me.

Here is my contact information:

Name: Jill Tregor, MPH

Department: Health Education

Location: Ocean Campus, Multi Use Building #353

Email: jtregor@ccsf.edu. Email or Canvas are my preference, and are the best way to contact me.

Phone: 415/452-4732 (voicemail only)

Office Hours: My office hours differ by course, but I prefer appointments. Meetings can be done by phone, zoom, or in-person appointment. If you want to see me, please send me an email and we will schedule it. Do not rely on hoping to catch me after class, as I often have to leave campus immediately.

Response time: Monday-Friday, I respond to emails within 24 hours. On weekends and holidays, it may take me 48-72 hours. If you don't hear from me within that window of time, please resend your message, as perhaps I didn't receive it.

Course Information

Courses-Spring 2020

HLTH 33: Introduction to Health and Wellness

Introduction to the causes and consequences of illness and the promotion of individual, family and community heath based on research in public health, social and behavioral sciences. Examination of the causes, consequences, available treatments and strategies for prevention of major health conditions across the life cycle. UC/CSU. Credit, Degree Applicable. ADVISE: ENGL 88 or ESL 184 or placement in ESL 186 or readiness for college-level English

Meeting information:


HLTH 10: Health and Aging

Health and Aging is for students pursuing careers in the aging field and those who will work with older adults in varied work settings. It is also for anyone who wants to know more about aging for themselves, their families, their communities, and society. The class employs a multidisciplinary perspective, incorporating biology, psychology, sociology, and public health approaches. It uses gerontology theory, research, and practice with social justice and multicultural perspectives and provides a broad overview of aging and the changes and challenges that result from the aging process. It covers demographic trends, attitudes toward aging, normal biological and physiological changes, sexuality, health promotion, social support, death and dying, careers in aging, and social policies and programs. P/NP available.

Meeting Information:

  • One on-line section xxx
  • One in-person section xxx

Important Dates, Spring 2020

To be updated when dates are published by CCSF

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