Edward Kaufman L.C.S.W

Welcome to LGBT 24- Male Intimacy and Relationships-

Offered Online Starting Spring 2018

CRN 33565

Instructor Eddie Kaufman L.C.S.W. ekaufman@ccsf.edu

Dear Students and Prospective Students:


Thank you for your interest in the NEW online "Male Intimacy and Relationships" class (CRN 33565, 3 units), which starts on Monday, January 17th through May 24, 2018. This is a fully online class with no required on-campus meetings. We'll be using the new learning management system called Canvas, which CCSF has adopted and is transitioning to. You are welcome to preview the course syllabus which is publicly available on Canvas without having to log in. The information about the required textbook is also in the syllabus. See links below:

Course syllabus: https://ccsf.instructure.com/courses/10413/assignments/syllabus

Course Home Page in Canvas: https://ccsf.instructure.com/courses/10413

Course introduction video: To be Developed

Welcome to Male Intimacy and Relationships!

Be sure to thoroughly review all this information. If you still have any course-related questions or concerns, please email or call me. My preferred method of contact is email at ekaufman@ccsf.edu, the Canvas Inbox once you get logged in to the course, or by phone 415-939-3356. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me along the way. I am excited and honored to be your instructor, and I am here to support your success in this course.

What to Expect from this Course:

I am excited that you are taking this journey this semester through this course. We will study gay and queer male relationships from a variety of perspectives. Although we will rely heavily upon the personal experiences of class members, we will also examine biological, psychological, social, cultural, and legal influences upon our ability to relate. Students will gain a better understanding of how to seek and participate in more satisfying relationships as well as how understand and cope with the many forces that impact them. Here are the Learning Outcomes that you can expect from this class:

  1. Recognize the impact of male socialization and homophobia on gay male relationships.
  2. Identify common stages in gay relationships.
  3. Understand issues relating to dating, intimacy and sex, and their impact on gay relationships.
  4. Recognize the impact of differences (such as age, ethnicity, and class) on gay relationships.
  5. Develop the ability to listen effectively and communicate clearly.
  6. Learn how to resolve conflicts with other men.

This class is an opportunity for you to learn the foundational skills necessary to meet, get into, and sustain an intimate relationship. Knowing that each of us is different, and has different experiences and backgrounds, this course is designed to support you on furthering your personal path to developing and maintaining intimate relationships. Previous relationship experience is not required! This class is also open to all students, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity. Many of the skills and tools we will be learning will be applicable to all types of relationships, but the focus of the course will be one building relationships and intimacy between men.

Course Expectations

This course will be conducted completely online. Make sure to set aside time throughout the week to complete readings, assignments, and post on the discussion board. This course will take an average of 9 hours per week for seventeen weeks. Please set aside time for reading the textbook (1-2 hours per week), completing assignments (1-3 hours per week), watching videos (1-2 hours per week) and responding to forums (1-2 hours per week) and other miscellaneous activities like reading the website, communicating with other students and the instructor, working on your culminating project. I suggest logging in every day for an hour or so, but if that is impossible, please consider logging in as much as possible, the fewer times you log in, the longer your sessions will need to be. The obvious advantage of an online course is that you do not need to be on campus to attend class every week, but you do need to set aside enough time to complete the reading and assignments. If you are new to online classes, or could use additional support, see the resource section at the end of the letter.

Building Community

This class is a community. We all have the same objective: to learn. Online students often feel isolated but it's important to know you are not in this alone! I need each of you to approach our online class with a great attitude and a willingness to help each other. Many problems and questions can be resolved by asking a fellow student. I am always here to help you but I truly believe your experience will be better if you communicate with your fellow students throughout the semester. Let's work together to make this semester great for everyone!

Below please find some important resource information:


If you need special accommodations, please contact the Disabled Student Services and Programs (DSPS):

Phone: (415) 452-5481!

Web: http://www.ccsf.edu/NEW/en/student-services/student-counseling/dsps.html

Are You Ready for an Online Class?

Take this Test Your Potential as an Online Student quiz to measure your potential for success. Online learning isn’t for everyone. How well online courses work for you depends on many factors, including your computer system, computer skills and knowledge, reading skills, time management skills, motivation, study skills, self-discipline, and learning style.

Online Support & Log-In Help

Be sure to bookmark this link to the CCSF Online Course Support Center for all the important info you need regarding help and Canvas support.

Here is how to access the course: (the class should open up sometime on Monday, January 16) Be sure to resolve any log-in problems before class starts.

· Go to https://ccsf.instructure.com

· Username: CCSF ID, examples: W12345678 or @1234567

· Your Canvas password is your RAM ID password. Click on the link for information on RAM ID.

Here are some great resources for learning about Canvas:

· A brief video introduction to Canvas: https://community.canvaslms.com/videos/1124

· A guide to mini-lessons and videos about specific Canvas features: https://guides.instructure.com/m/4210/c/56054

· If you have login problems or need other help, you can contact the Helpdesk at 415-239-3711 or Toll-Free at 844-693-4357.

· Canvas also has a Canvas Support Hotline that is available 24/7 at 844-592-2198. The Canvas hotline only helps with problems in using Canvas, not logging in.