Welcome to FALL 2019!

We are at a Crossroads! How do we make systemic change happen? Research & Studying stats!!! Statistics are Everywhere!!!! It's a Treasure Hunt Adventure!!

This semester, I am teaching two course: 1 online statistics course (Psyc 5) and 1 in-person statistics course (LALS 5) at the Mission Center. Both courses are general education courses and transferrable! In these courses, I will present an introduction to research design, measurement, descriptive & inferential statistics (including correlation and regression), probability, sampling theory, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Statistics are part of our daily lives. Everywhere we look people/groups are making claims about something based on statistics.

  • What is the probability that you will you win the lottery?
  • What are the racial disparities in sentencing and incarceration rates?
  • How do they know Xyzal works for allergy relief?

Two Major Takeaways:

  • As a result of this course, we will have a greater understanding of how statistics is generated and used to analyze and interpret different types of social psychological research data to answer important social justice questions relevant to what we see, hear, read and/or experience in our daily lives (e.g. PSA).
  • You will leave this course having gained a new skill in analyzing and interpreting data using statistics!

Instructor's Corner:

Dr. Ramona I. Coates

Chair of the African American Studies Department; Sociology~Behavioral Sciences

Office Hrs: By Zoom Appt. & Virtual Online Office Hrs (days & times TBA) or

On Campus: Tues. 10:00am-3:00pm; Thurs. 10:00am-1:00pm.

Batmale: Rm 334 & African American Resource Center

Email: Use Canvas Inbox Response time: 24hrs-48hrs, weekdays

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