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Infant Toddler Growth and Development Online

Spring 2020


My name is HANEEFAH SHUAIBE and I am your online instructor. I have been teaching Infant Toddler Development for many years and I'm excited to share some great information with you during this online course.

More About Me

Haneefah Shuaibe-Peters has worked in the field of early education for over 10 years. She holds a Masters in Early Childhood Education from San Francisco State University and has an extensive background in early childhood training and community college instruction. Her specialty areas include infant toddler care, childcare environments and professional development. As a Bay Area native and mother of two, she is most passionate about providing ECE professionals with practical tools for providing excellent care to young children, while also supporting the families they serve.

CDEV 61 ONLINE Spring 2019

Contact Information: Haneefah Shuaibe

Child Development and Family Studies Department


Office Hours: Online Only

Voicemail: 415-452-5841

Course information: CDEV61 FULLY ONLINE

CDEV 61 Infant/Toddler Growth and Development (3) Credit, Degree Applicable

ADVISE: ESL 130 or ENGL 90 or ENGL 91 or Placement in ESL 140 or ENGL 92

Physical/sensory-motor, social-emotional, and cognitive/language development of prenatal throughout the first three years will be studied with an emphasis on interactions between genetic and environmental factors. Brain development research and major developmental theories are guidance for practice. Caring adults as a foundation for all development will be emphasized.

CSU Transferable

Important dates: You course will be available to view January 20th , 2019

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Required Text: This course requires a TEXTBOOK!! It will be available in the ocean campus bookstore, it can also be rented or purchased online.

Infants, Toddlers, and Caregivers: A Curriculum of Respectful, Responsive, Relationship-Based Care and Education


By Janet Gonzalez-Mena and Dianne Widmeyer Eyer

Copyright: 2015

10 edition is also acceptable (The tenth eddition has a RED Cover)