Cinema 21

An Introduction to Film Studies CRN 74712-931 Fall 2019


Introduction to Film Studies - an introductory course that addresses film production and film theory through the critical analysis of motion pictures. The course covers popular and technical approaches to cinema, including filmmaking techniques like directing, cinematography, editing, and visual aesthetics. Student will gain the ability to analyze the mise-en-scène, sound, editing, narrative structure, and the style of a film.

Student Learning Outcome

At the completion of this course the following Student Learning Outcomes will be met — students will be able to:

  1. Define the basic vocabulary of film production and film theory.
  2. Analyze the aesthetics of filmmaking.
  3. Recognize and classify different film genres.
  4. Evaluate and explore the creation and effects of various types of film experience.

An advisory of: ENGL 95 or ENGL 93 or ESL 160 or placement in ENGL 93 or higher is in place for this course.

Three 16mm projectors

Instructor Contact:

Anna Geyer - Cinema Department

The following is my contact information in order of preference:

  1. Please use the Canvas Inbox for course-related issues.
  2. Email me at:
  3. Voicemail: 415-452-7123

I will respond to messages within 48 hours Monday-Friday, exclusive of school holidays. Include CINE21ONLINE and your name (ie CINE21ONLINE–AGEYER) as the subject of your messages. If you do not hear back within this timeframe, please assume the message has been lost and resend it. — Contact via Canvas Inbox is preferred — PLEASE use Canvas.

For live contact:

Office Hours:

By email appointment, please. Zoom conferencing appointments may be made, my best days for Zoom conferencing are Tuesday and Thursday. Or, I am on campus on Fridays. Contact me let with your availability and we’ll set up a meeting.

Important Dates:

Day Class Begins: August 18 (the 1st module Saturday August 17th if it is permissible)

Last Day to Drop Class for 100% Refund: August 30

Last Day to Add: September 6

Last Day to Drop Without 'W': September 6

Last Day to Take Class P/NP: September 19

Last Day to Drop With 'W': November 7

Day Class Ends: December 22

Grades Available via WEB4: January 8

The full CCSF calendar notes both the important dates listed above as well as any holidays applicable to live classes.

Please check back and take a look at the screening list and class syllabus for assignment and screening dates.

Class Policies -


This class is a fully online class. Attendance is required, and measured through participation (in discussions, etc) and completion of assignments and assessments in a timely manner.

Late Policy:

Discussions on the readings and film screened in regards to questions posed are due every Thursday by 11:00pm. Further assignments and assessments (quizzes, forum replies, worksheets, critiques) are due at the close of the week, by 11:59 pm on Sunday. New modules will open up on Saturday by 9:00 a.m. for those who want to get a head start.

If you do get behind, please catch up as fast as possible. Further, keep in contact with me, let me know your circumstances – communications is key.

See the the syllabus for specific assessments due dates.

Each assessment will be scored at the end of the week it is assigned based on the provided rubric.

Written work (critique(s) and the essay) may be rewritten, and resubmitted for a higher grade, for the goal is to learn the material.

A late submission will receive a 10% penalty.

No late submissions will be accepted for the exams including quizzes, the midterm and final.

Drop Policy:

If a student does not complete the Check-In Discussion and other Week 1 assignments by the due date that student will be dropped as a “no show.” If you have been dropped and it is your intent to complete the course please contact me immediately with your request to be reinstated.

If a student does not complete three assignments/assessments that student will be dropped .

Required Text:

Looking at Movies: An Introduction to Film (6th Edition) by Richard Barsam and Dave Monahan

ISBN: 978-0-393-67469-9 (paperback) or ISBN: 978-0-393-67471-2 (loose leaf).

The 5th, and 4th editions may be utilized as an alternative. Student Bookloan (for those who qualify), and the library reserve have copies available. Renting the text is also an option. You can locate and order textbooks online via the CCSF Bookstore. If a book is to be ordered from a source other than the bookstore consider shipping when comparing cost; when will the text arrive and how much will it be to ship? NOTE: You will need the book by the second week of class. I will post the first two chapters on Canvas for your convenience.

Grading Policy

Grades will be assigned as follows:

A 90% of total work to date

B 80% of total work to date

C 70% of total work to date

D 60% of total work to date

If taking Pass/No Pass you need at least 70% of the total class points and complete the midterm exam and the final exam to pass the class.

An “F” grade indicates that a student attended, participated and completed the course but failed to master the course curriculum.

An “FW” grade indicates the student stopped attending a course after the “last day to withdraw” deadline and subsequently did not submit any work or participate in any exams. Please check with your counselor and financial aid advisor for possible implications of the FW grade on residency and financial aid status.

Standards of Conduct

Students who register in CCSF classes are required to abide by the CCSF Student Code of Conduct. Violation of the code is basis for referral to the Student Conduct Coordinator or dismissal from class or from the College.

CCSF policy states, “Plagiarism is defined as the unauthorized use of the language and thought of another author and representing them as your own.” Such work will receive ZERO points. See these links on academic integrity and citing sources:

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I look forward to our discussions - enjoy the class!