Fulmar Road School

The Wild Robot

One Book One School

Dear Fulmar Road Families,

We are very happy that you are visiting our One Book One School website. As you can see, staff members have recorded each and every chapter for your listening enjoyment. The goal of this initiative is to build a community of readers by sharing the same text at the same time. You can hear each nightly reading assignment by simply clicking on the corresponding link. You may find that you prefer to read silently on your own, or you may decide that you’d like to follow along while someone else reads aloud. A great adventure is always waiting for you within the pages of a book. We hope that you will enjoy reading The Wild Robot, and sharing it with others.

It is important that sincere gratitude be expressed to the Fulmar Road PTO for making this program available to our community. Without their generous support, none of this would have been possible. Enjoy your new book!


Gary Chadwick


Please use the links below to hear our staff read chapters from the book