PTO After School Workshops

Mahopac Middle School

PTO Mini- Workshops

The Mahopac Middle Schools PTO will be offering 8 weeks of after-school mini workshops, all taking place at the school from 2:40pm to 3:35pm (unless otherwise noted). Each workshop is grade level appropriate and you may register your child for as many workshops that are offered for his/her grade level.

Please note the dates of each workshop as not all courses run certain weeks due to holidays, vacations, etc....workshops are 8 sessions in total (except soccer which is 6 weeks). We have tried to accommodate as many students as possible with the weeks we have chosen to run our workshops. Please see individual course descriptions for dates of programs.

The registration will be online through a live google document. Registration will be accepted on a first come, first served option with a time stamp logged for each entry. Classes will automatically shut down online as they fill up so please submit your registration as quickly as possible to ensure your choices. You will see the live link information at the bottom of this website.

To Register:

1. Complete one online registration page for each child even if you have siblings attending the same workshop.

2. Complete one online registration page for each class that your child(ren) wish to take

3. Complete the online waivers of liability

4. Payment will be accepted through PAYPAL. A link to our PAYPAL account has been provided on the bottom of this website. Please combine all payments into one payment. Please put your child's name and the class they would like to take in the notes section of the Paypal payment.

If you do not already have a PAYPAL account no worries, it is easy to access and you can use your checking account information or credit card information for a fast, easy, secure payment to the PTO. We ask that you please COMBINE all classes into ONE payment. Please pay through Paypal once your child has been successfully registered in their classes.

If the class cancels due to low enrollment you will be issued a credit back through PAYPAL to your account through your original form of payment. This is why it is important to add your child's name into the note section so refunds are easier to process.

​Please list the name of your child and the class(es) they are taking on the Paypal payment page.​

The page will come up showing that you are making a DONATION to the PTO, that information is correct. The PTO is a not for profit so PAYPAL shows the payment as a donation.

You should receive an email from Paypal to your email account within 24 hours confirming payment in the program(s).

Failure to pay promptly will result in withdrawal of the course.

5. PTO membership is required to enroll in the workshops. Please pay your $10 membership dues to the PTO prior to the start of the first workshop. This is not paid through Paypal, and needs to be filled out and returned to the school separately.

You can access the membership information at:

NEW FOR 2018-2019

The Mahopac Central School District Transportation Department will be providing late buses for these after school workshops so parent pick up is now optional.

All students will report directly to their appropriate workshops classroom directly after school and classes will start at 2:40 promptly. At 3:35 instructors will walk the students taking the late bus to the main lobby where they will walk outside and board their buses. If you will be picking your child up from after school workshops you will do so at 3:35 in the front of the building. Please park your car in a designated parking spot and do not park on the curb as the buses will be using that space. An adult will be outside to supervise the students until they are picked up. Please note that if you are LATE to pick up your student a late fee will be assessed after 15 minutes of $15.00. At 25 minutes the late fee will be $25.00. If you are going to be late picking up your child, please notify your child, the instructor and/or the main office and we can put your child on the late bus home if permitted. If you are tardy picking up you will be given notice after the first offense and dismissed without refund from the workshops after the second occurrence. Our instructors are only paid until 3:40 and need to get home to their families as well.

Late Bus Pick-Up will be 3:40

Parent Pick-Up will be 3:35


A student’s behavior in these programs is expected to follow the same code of conduct as written in the Mahopac Middle Schools handbook. All families should be aware of this handbook information, if you need a copy of it please let us know. Failure to comply with the code of conduct will result in a warning and email home from an administrator on the first instance. A second incident will result in a phone call home and dismissal with no refund from the program from and administrator.