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Need an emotional quick-fix?

POK can help you soothe the pressure of your immediate crisis.

POK Therapist is your own pocket therapist. It will guide you through an easy, step-by-step process, to take charge of your emotions. This will allow you to soothe some of your immediate crisis if you can’t get professional help. This app cannot replace a real human therapist, but it can surely help you get you through your day.

Become emotionally autonomous!

The auto-therapy concepts taught by POK come from “Emotional Integration” principles, developed by philosopher Maha Vajra. Emotional Integration is now taught around the world by more than 200 certified teachers. It's the best way to become emotionally autonomous, with a method you apply yourself. Even if you request guidance for a few sessions, the objective is to make you quickly autonomous, and not remain a slave of a therapist forever.

Free vs PRO:

The Free version offers you easy sessions of Emotional Integration:

- Contemplating up to 9 masks of the ego - A maximum of 2 minutes for each contemplation

The PRO version offers additional levels of Emotional Integration:

- 3 levels of difficulty to adapt your sessions to your level of experience

- Contemplating up to 21 masks of the ego

- Up to 4 minutes for each contemplation

- An advanced session without any guidance - just to use the timer and keep compiling your Emotional Integration statistics!

Guided sessions

You can ask for one-on-one guided sessions in Emotional Integration. One of our certified guides will contact you back, and initiate skype video-chat. We recommend you download skype ( and learn to use this free video-chat app, trusted around the world.

Pricing varies by guide. You pay the guide directly via paypal.

Contact us for more information:

Privacy Policy

Any information entered in the POK Therapist app and the POK Therapist Free app, remain completely confidential. We have no access to it. Your Emotional Integration stats are kept locally on your device. We will not register your name, email or contact information on any list, not even our own, resulting out of your interaction with our apps. You will be added to our mailing list only at your request via


POK Therapist is a software, not a therapist. It was designed by philosophers and life coaches; it was not designed by psychologists nor doctors. The use of POK Therapist is not a suitable replacement for a real living therapist, psychologist or doctor. If you are having mental or emotional issues, you should consult a certified professional.