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Mango Lassi

6ix pack Veggie Samosas

Chana Masala

Naan & Kabab

Coconut curry chicken

Mumbai fried chicken

Naan Rolls

Tariwale Aloo

Murgh Makhni

Daal Lucknowi

Mixed Pulao

Beef kabab and naan

Kabab and Naan

Crispy Mumbai Chicken

Signature Naan Roll

Daal Tarka

Zeera Aloo

Veggie Samosas at an event

Trio of salads at an event

The Indian peninsula is shaped like a triangle. The influx of the Mughals, the Dutch, the French, the Portuguese and the British influenced the culture and the food of India.

Our vision is to present the foods of India from Circa 1526-1947. These were the original foods with flavours and styles as interpreted by the visiting peoples.

This is not the fancy fusion of contemporary India, but the authentic inter-mingling of the cuisine of India with the cultures of the west.

Enjoy these foods from a time of simplicity and true artisanal preparation skills.

You can find us at 127 Jefferson Ave. in Liberty Village, Toronto

Our hours are Monday - Friday 11.30am to 3pm

Sundays at Evergreen Brickworks 10am to 3pm

Holidays - Closed

Our specialty is catering and setting up food stations at your event.

Get social with us @6ixTriangles or email us event@6ixTriangles.ca