Address: 127 Jefferson Ave. Toronto M6K 3E4

Hours of Service: Monday to Friday 11.30am to 2.30pm

Holiday Mondays & Weekends - Closed

Sundays: 10am to 3pm - Brickworks Sunday Market - 550 Bayview Ave.

The reason for our name:

  • Six tastes of Ayurveda are reflected in our dishes
  • The Indian peninsula is shaped like a triangle. The influx of the Mughals, the Dutch, the French, the Portuguese and the British influenced the culture and the food of India.

Our vision is to present the foods of India from Circa 1526-1947. These were the original foods with flavours and styles as interpreted by the visiting peoples.

This is not the fancy fusion of contemporary India, but the authentic inter-mingling of the cuisine of India with the cultures of the west.

Enjoy these foods from a time of simplicity and true artisanal preparation skill