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Welcome to our class website! Occasionally students will be directed to this site as part of their homework. Included on our website are url links that are specifically linked to homework and projects. You will also find the link to the Typing Club site, an online atlas, a flashcard maker, and other useful tools to help with homework and school projects.


Online atlas

Thirteen Colonies Quiz Review Links:


Challenge Board:

Jeopardy Review - Be sure to press the "present" tab first.

Mayflower and Plymouth Colony Sites:

Jamestown, Mayflower and Plymouth colony test review sites.

Challenge Board: (NOTE: words and numbers have to be spelled correctly)

Thirteen Colonies Links

Social Studies for Kids Site: be sure to read all 3 pages, and you'll need the sidebar as well.

Mr. Nussbaum link:

Duckster link: Be sure to take the quiz at the bottom of the page and print just the first 2 pages of the quiz in order to give me the results.

Additional 13 Colonies Sites for Research Project

Overview of all 13 colonies: Please check this site for all topics.

The New England Colonies:

The Middle Colonies:

The Southern Colonies:

Salem Witch Trials:

Triangular Trade:

Colonial Occupations:

Homework Help Links

Helpful tools

Easy Flash Card Marker