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Jamestown: Found and Lost

Step 1: Read the article found here:

Step 2: As you read take notes in your composition book. Focus on how Jamestown is an example of the Colombian Exchange.

Step 3: Answer the questions on the document attached below called "Jamestown Questionnaire

Step 4: Place a hard copy of your questions in the box ASAP.

Jamestown Questionnaire.docx

Group work Grade Guide lines

Step 1: Create a google doc. Share it with me only

Step 2: Review the List of accomplishments your group created in class today

Step 3: Assign grades to your group mates, and write an explanation for anything lower than a 100.

100- No complaints.

90- Person made some small errors that slowed the group down a bit. Provide and explanation of how they could have been a better group mate.

80- Person made several errors that significantly slowed the group down. Provide and explanation of how they could have been a better group mate.

70- Person made several major errors or consistently let the group down in a way that hurt the final product. Provide and explanation of how they could have been a better group mate.

Grades should not be lowered because of arguments or personality clashes. Grades should only be lowered if you can list specific instances in which your group mate did not accomplish tasks or hampered the group due to poor behavior.

The Colombian Exchange and Your Favorite Meal

Step 1: Describe your Favorite Meal ( Include Entree, side, beverage, and a desert) Due 9/21

Step 2: Using recipes found on line, turn your description to create a list of ingredients.

Step 3: Use the following link to discover where the various ingredients of your favorite meal originated:


Step 4: Map the ingredients using the Map provided in class

Step 5: Determine if your meal could have existed before the Colombian Exchange, and explain why or why not.

Step 6: Turn assignment into the box.

"The World 1300- 1400" Directions:

  • Open the document "The World: 1300-1400." (Below) FYI: It will be easiest to deal with in Word.
  • As you read the document, create a list of accomplishments by each society mentioned.
  • Open a google doc
  • Title it "The World: 1300-1400"
  • Create an MLA Heading:


Mr. Baker

Social Studies

Today's Date

    • Copy the questions below into the document
    • Record your answers to the following questions:
      1. Which achievement seems the most impressive to you and why?
      2. Which achievement would you most like to see in full form? Why?
      3. Which achievement seems to be the most foundational to our world?
      4. Using complete sentences describe three ways in which the world seems different from today's world?
The World 1300.docx

Flora, Fauna, and Civilization Map Activity Instructions

Directions: Use the map distributed in class to complete the activity below

1. On the map create a key for that has a symbol for plant, important plant, animal and important animal.

2. Label the continents.

3. Read the article. As you are reading make a mark in each region where a plant, important plant, animal and important animal originated.

4.- Omitted.

5. On your map, rank the five regions most likely to support a sedentary lifestyle, and the growth of civilization. Provide a brief explanation of your rankings using the evidence you have gathered as support.

6. Place a dot in each region for each of the civilizations below. if you are unsure where to place your dot, look it up.




Harappan (Ganges River)









7. Do these regions support or refute your rankings? Explain.

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