7th Grade SS: "Global Connection"

This year in Social Studies, we will be examining World History from the Renaissance Era to today. The unifying theme for our class is “Global Connection” and we will consistently define and redefine this concept throughout the year as we study each historical era. The main goal of our class is for you to develop historical thinking skills such as interpreting primary resources, using multiple perspectives and sources to explain historical events, analyzing and constructing geographical maps, and connecting the past to our lives today. I believe that the best way to learn is through experience, so we will be taking on a more “active” and student-centered approach in the classroom where you direct your own learning and spend less time listening to lectures. You will learn the material through collaborative activities such as participating in simulations, engaging in debates and Socratic seminars, analyzing artwork and primary resources, and role-playing. It is my goal that you are able to interpret the past in order to understand the present and dream for the future.