MAMM 2022

3rd - 5th December, 2022

The 6th International Conference on

Microactuators, Microsensors and Micromechanisms

Under the patronage of IFToMM: TC Micromachines,

The conference will take place in offline mode as Covid19 situation is improved. You are cordially invited to participate in the Conference in person at IIT Hyderabad.

Pre-Conference Symposium: 2nd December 2022

Organised by

Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad

Conference Chair : Ashok Kumar Pandey, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, IIT Hyderabad

Conference Co-Chair : Prem Pal, Department of Physics, IIT Hyderabad

Important Dates

Conference Date:

3rd-5th December 2022

Pre-conference symposium:

2nd December 2022

Call open for only Abstract submission (Accepted Abstract will be published in abstract book): (15 November 2022) (Closed)

Full Paper submission (Closed):

1st Call: 1st March 2022

Final Call: 25 July 2022 (Closed for full paper)

Acceptance notification:

31st May 2022

Final revised paper submission:

31st July 2022

Final notification:

31st August 2022

Early bird registration:

31st October 2022.

Paper Submission and Review

Authors are invited to submit papers in the thematic areas of microactuators, microsensors and micromechanisms. An abstract and full paper will be reviewed by the scientific committee and all accepted papers including the poster presentation will be published in conference proceedings. Selected papers will be published in Mechanisms Machine Science (MMS) series edited by Springer. For more details, see paper submission tab

Registration and Awards

Registration for Hybrid Mode (Offline and Online), Awards for best paper and YDP can be found under the registration tab

Contact Information

Dr. Ashok Kumar Pandey,

C-405, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering,

Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, Kandi - 502285, Sangareddy, Telangana, India.


Mobile: +91-9494060728

MAMM 2022 Report: Download

Abstract Book MAMM 2022: Download

Selected Full Paper in MMS Conference Series for MAMM 2022: Download

Program Schedule: Web Link

Previous MAMM Conference Series

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2) MAMM 2012, Durgapur, India, January 19-20, 2012, Proceedings of MAMM2012

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Chief Guest:

Dr. G Satheesh Reddy,

FNAE, Scientific Advisor to Raksha Mantri, Ministry of Defence, Government of India.

B.S Murty, Director

IIT Hyderabad

Chief Patron

Ashok Kumar Pandey

IIT Hyderabad

Conference Chair

Prem Pal

IIT Hyderabad

Conference Co-Chair

Invited Guests and Speakers@MAMM'22

Amitabha Ghosh

Ex-Director, IIT Kharagpur, Platinum Jubilee Senior Scientist of The National Academy of Sciences, India, Honorary Distinguished Professor, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur, Howrah, India

Special Invitee

Burkhard Corves

RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Title: Robotics

Ananth Suresh

IISc Bangalore

Title: A comparison of ring and disk resonator gyroscopes based on their degenerate eigenmode shapes.

C Amarnath

Professor Emeritus IIT Bombay & Visiting Prof. IIT Dharwad, CoE, Pune

Title: Mechanical Logic Devices

Ravinder Dahiya

University of Glasgow, UK

Title: Flexible printed electronics

Oded Gottleib

Technion, Israel

Title: Internal Resonances in Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy

Marian Wiercigroch

University of Abeerden, Scotland, UK

Title: To be updated soon!

Alberto Corigliano

Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy

Title: MetaMEMS: a new trend in Microsystem Technology.


Director, CMTI Bangalore

Title: Addressing 4P challenges (product-process-people production) in engineering of ultra-precision machines

Toshiyuki Tshuchiya

Kyoto University, Japan

Title: Reservoir computing using nonlinear MEMS coupled resonators

Sarthak Misra

University of Twente, University Medical Centre Groningen/University of Groningen

Title: Steering Miniaturized Agents!

Suman Chakraborty

IIT Kharagpur

Title: Diagnostic Sensors for Extreme Point of Care

Prasanna Gandhi

IIT Bombay

Title: Nature-inspired, Lithography-less Micro-meso-scale manufacturing via Shaping of Fluids

Anupam Saxena

IIT Kanpur

Title: Understanding Kempe's Linkages.

Sambhunath Nandy

CMRI Durgapur

Title: Underwater Robotics: Design, Control and Sensing aspects.

V C Prakash

IIT Hyderabad

Title: Performance limit for base-excited energy harvesting, and comparison with experiments.

Sushmee Badhulika

IIT Hyderabad

Title: Nanomaterials based flexible electronics for multifunctional sensing applications.


IIT Hyderabad

Title: Nonlocal nonlinear analysis of functionally graded nano plates used in MEMs devices

Anesh Kumar Sharma

Director (Technical), ECIL

Title: Actuator system

Navaneetha Krishana Ravichandran

IISc Bangalore

Title: To be updated soon!

Dobbidi Pamu

IIT Guwahati

Title: Development of Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2 ceramics for biomedical applications.

P Rajalakshmi

IIT Hyderabad

Title: Internet of Things in Autonomous Vehicles

Sai Sidhardh

IIT Hyderabad

Title: Nonlocal Elasticity Beyond Low-Dimensional Structures: Modeling via Fractional Calculus.

Shobhit Jain

Delft University of Technology

Title: Dynamic Characterization of MEMS Devices via Spectral Submanifolds

Shiv Govind Singh

IIT Hyderabad

Title: Biomedical Sensors

Ravindra Mukhiya

CEERI Pilani

Title: Development of capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer using anodic bonding

Alexey Lukin

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

Title: Model of a Micromachined Rate-Integrating Gyroscope with an Asymmetrically Buckled Circular Microplate as a Sensitive Element.

Pintu Das

IIT Delhi

Title: Two-dimensional electron gas based micro Hall sensors for high-sensitive magnetic field detection

Saket Asthana

IIT Hyderabad

Title: Recent trends in Lead free ferroelectrics and applications

Sanjeev Kumar Srivastava

IISC Bangalore

Title: Strengthen the R&D ecosystem through Indian Science Technology and Engineering facilities Map (I-STEM) Initiatives

Bipin Kumar Gupta

CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, India

Title: Carbon Nanotubes/PDMS derived Ultrasensitive Wearable Strain Sensors for Human Motion Monitoring.

Falguni Pati

IIT Hyderabad

Title: 3D Bioprinting of Cornea with Tissue Specific Bioink and Human Cells!

Pratap Kollu

University of Hyderabad

Title: Fluxgate magnetometers: A journey from conventional to silicon technology.

Shankar Dutta

Solid State Physics Laboratory, India

Title: MEMS Inertial Switch for Smart Ammunition

Rahul Shukla

RRCAT, Indore

Title: Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems for Manipulation of Light!

Shanti Bhattacharya

IIT Madras

Title: Optical MEMS at IITM

Atul Vir Singh

Shiv Nadar University

Title: Acoustic Wave Resonators and MEMS Technology for RF Filters.

Parasharam M. Shirage

IIT Indore

Title: Recent Advances in Materials for Energy Generation and Storage Applications.

Suryanarayana Jammalamadaka

IIT Hyderabad

Title: Cantilever based magnetometry for bio-sensing.

Vasu Pulijala

VNIT Nagpur

Title: Micro-magnetic resonance sensors

Richa Mishra

Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra

Title: A Decade's Pinion - MEMS based components for drug delivery.

Chandrasekhar Murapaka

IIT Hyderabad

Title: Current driven Spintronic Memory and Logic devices

Koushik Guha

NIT Silchar

Title: MEMS Research Activities at NIT Silchar.

I.A. Palani

IIT Indore

Title: Shape memory alloy integrated optical fiber sensor for Temperature sensing and condition monitoring

Mudrika Khandelwal

IIT Hyderabad

Title: PEDOT:PSS based bilayer actuators: performance and mechanism

Amreesh Chandra

IIT Kharagpur

Title: Pseudo Two Dimensional Nano-Structures of Metal Oxides for Sensors to Energy Applications.

Biswapriya Deb

CSIR- National Institute For Interdisciplinary Science & Technology

Title: Thermoelectric polymer nanocomposites for lightweight power generators, wearable electronics & self-powered devices.

Karthik T

CMET- Center for Materials for Electronics Technology, Thrissur

Title: Multilayer based piezoelectric actuators and sensors.

Scientific Advisory Committee


Director, CMTI, Bengaluru


Lena Zentner

TU Ilmenau, Germany


Scientific Advisory Committee

A-R, Eihab, Uni. of Waterloo, Canada

Agrawal, Amit, IIT Bombay, India

Amarnath, C., IIT Bombay, India

Ananthasuresh, G. K., IISc Bangalore, India Bhattacharya, Enakshi, IIT Madras, India

Bhat, Navakant, IISc, India

Bhatt, Vivekanand, RDE, Pune

Corves, Burkhard, RWTH, Aachen University, Chakraborty, Suman, IIT Kharagpur, India

Dutta, Shankar, SSPL Delhi

Ghosal, Ashitava, IISc Bangalore, India

Goel, Sanket, BITS Hyderabad

Gottlieb, Oded, Technion, Israel

Herder, Just, TU Delft, Netherlands

Kar, Jyoti Prakash, NIT Rourkela, India

Kim, C. J. UCLA, USA

Kumar, Navin, IIT Ropar, India

Lukin, Aleksey, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia

Misra, Sarthak, Uni. of Twente, Netherlands

Nagahanumaiah, CMTI, Bangaluru

Pratap, Rudra, IISc Bangalore, India

Ranganathan, Santhanam, DRDL, Hyderabad Raman, Karthik TIFR Hyderabad, India

Ray, MC, IIT Kharagpur, India

Sato, Kazuo AIT Toyota, Japan

Sen, Prosenjit, IISc Bangalore, India

Sesia, Aswin, Cambridge University, UK

Sharma, Jaibir, IME Singapore

Singh, Pushparaj, IIT Delhi

Singh, Ravindra, DRDO Lab Jodhpur

Tanaka, Shuji, Tohoku University

Tschuiya, Toshiyuki, Kyoto University, Japan Xing, Yan, Southeast University, China

Zentner, Lena, TU Ilmenau, Germany

Mohan, Santha Kumar, IIT Palakkad, India

Mulaveesala, Ravibabu, IIT Delhi, India

Organizing Committee

Asthana, Saket, IIT Hyderabad

Badhulika, Sushmee, IIT Hyderabad

Duraiswamy, Suhanya, IIT Hyderabad

Emani, Naresh Kumar, IIT Hyderabad

Garlapati, Suresh Kumar, IIT Hyderabad

J., Surya Narayana, IIT Hyderabad

Mohanty, Jyoti Ranjan, IIT Hyderabad

Pal, Prem, IIT Hyderabad

Palathingal, Safvan, IIT Hyderabad

Pandey, Ashok Kumar, IIT Hyderabad

Rajagopal, Amirtham, IIT Hyderabad

Sidhardh, Sai, IIT Hyderabad

Singh, Shiv Govind, IIT Hyderabad

S., Suryakumar, IIT Hyderabad

Vanjari, Siva, IIT Hyderabad

Kumar, Prabhat, IIT Hyderabad


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