Mr. Kovach's Science Class


Welcome to Mr Kovach's 8th grade science class! I am extremely excited to start the new school year at the Madison Junior School. Most resources for students will be posted on Google Classroom. On this website you will be able to find my contact information, homework assignments, and basic course information.


In 8th grade science students will cover topics including, but not limited to, energy, matter, forces, motion, elements, and chemical reactions. There is a huge emphasis on figuring things out through collaboration in my class, so individual participation and respect for your classmates is extremely important. More detailed information about topics covered can be found here but the exact, but the exact formats of these lessons are subject to change.

8th Grade Science Curriculum

School Supplies

  • Binder with loose leaf
  • Charged Chromebook
  • Agenda
  • Pens, Pencils, and Highlighters

Google Classroom Codes

Most resources and assignments will made available on google classroom. Please use the following class codes to sign up if you have not already.

Period 2: r2wjpz6

Period 3: zn4t1o

Period 6: p2658yf

Period 8: 8m8nhxl

Multimedia and Design Cycle (Semester 1): ot8ks3l

Make Up Work and Extra Help

It is each student's responsibility to see me to get make up work. I am available during the following times:

Monday-Thursday: 2:43 -4:00

Friday: 3:00-4:00

Try to let me know in advance if you are coming, so I know to be in my room If these times do not work for you please email me and we can work out another time for you to see me.



Contact Information